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Wedding photography timeline

Making a wedding photography timeline explained.

Over my many years photographing weddings, I have found that having a really great well thought out timeline is critical to wedding photography success. While most wedding planners have experience when it comes to making a wedding photography timeline, I have found that sometimes they don't consider all the important aspects of each timeline. For example, if the brides family has lots of individual families within her family or lots of additional relatives, additional time in this photo session will be needed. A wedding photography timeline should be flexible and realistic. Often my wedding timeline changes as the wedding date gets closer.

In working with some of the best wedding planner, I have found that the best wedding planners make it a point to work with me to create a perfect timeline. Since I'm the one taking the pictures and since I have my style it only makes sense that I should be involved in the timeline process. Most wedding planners are able to put their ego, or need to control every aspect of the wedding aside and work with the photographer to make a great timeline. Good communication between the planner the photographer and the client or Bride and groom is very important. Every once in a while we come across a wedding planner who insists on making the photography timeline without involving the photographer, this only results in the photographer doing one of the following: Nothing, then not getting the required photos, and blaming to planner. Not good for anyone, or doing what we do, which is, calling the planner and asking to make changes to the timeline by working together to create a workable timeline then presenting the new timeline to the couple and their family.

Often, the timeline process will start when the hair and makeup people are hired because they need to know when the hair and makeup needs to be finished. Your photographer can't start the photography process until the photographer has people to shoot.

Having created so many wedding photography timelines over the years I do consider myself an authority on the subject. Below is the link on my article on how to make a good working wedding photography timeline. While I admit, I may not be the best writer, I believe the content in this article is good solid and helpful. If you need any help with creating a wedding photography timeline, I'm here to help. Feel free to call me at (561) 737-5561. Here is the link! Making a great wedding photography timeline .

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