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A bride walking down the aisle at the Hillsboro Club makes the perfect shot for this Broward county photographer!

If you are a bride who is recently engaged and searching for a wedding venue, I highly recommend visiting the Hillsboro Club in Broward County. Located directly on the beach this wedding venue offers a wide range of photographic opportunities. One of my favorite things about this venue is the fact that the view of the ocean from the venues ceremony deck is spectacular. Lot's of venues in South Florida have an ocean view, but this wedding venue gives you the feel that you are right on the ocean. I know you can't see the ocean in this picture but check out this picture.

Bride and Groom kiss at the Hillsboro club

This is taken just a few steps away from where this picture was taken. As you can tell looking at just these to photo the Hillsboro Club is a Broward county photographer's dream location. For this shot I posed the bride and groom a part of the grounds that was covered with wild grass and wildflowers. I just loved this unique palm tree and I felt that the tree gave some real artistic shape to this photo. This couple was super easy to work with and it looks like they have been practicing this pose over and over until they got it perfect. Whenever I'm photographing a wedding it's important to me to make sure that the lighting on the couples face is perfect. Notice how there are no harsh shadows or sun spots on their faces. It does get windy from time to time at the Hillsboro club but because I know how the handle the wind I can still get nice photos with out the hair being too windblown. For the shot of the bride walking down the aisle I was able to find the perfect location that gave me a clean view of her face with her parents in the foreground. Because this wedding was a Jewish wedding the bride started her walk down the aisle alone. Once the bride gets half way down the aisle she is greeted by her parents then the bride is walked down the second half of the aisle and presented to the groom by her parents. Jewish wedding are always fun to photograph an as a Broward county wedding photographer I get to shoot plenty of them. I love the fact that there are so many traditions that take place during the Jewish wedding ceremony and the reception. The fact that I'm jewish gives a little more insight into the history of the traditions.

If you are looking for a wedding venue I would definitely consider this Hillsboro Club for your wedding. Of course there are lot's of other wonderful wedding venues in Broward County rating from ultra luxury venues to county clubs that are away from the ocean. Not every bride is into having an ocean view wedding. If you are looking for a venue and need some help please give me a call at (561) 737-5561. I have been shooting weddings and events in Broward County for over 15 years and ave worked everyplace. I would love to help. Also, if you just have questions about wedding photography call me with your questions.


Location: 901 Hillsboro Mile, Hillsboro Beach, FL 33062.

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