Biltmore Hotel Wedding Reception Action Shot
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Biltmore Hotel Wedding Reception Action Shot

Fun sepia wedding reception action shot of the groom liften by the guys.

In order to be the Best South Florida Wedding Photographer, you have to offer your brides and grooms the ability to produce all kinds of photographic skills. While I'm skilled at creating beautiful wedding portraits and creative posed wedding pictures my wedding photography skills include getting those really fun wedding reception action shots.

Getting these shots requires a get the shot no matter what mindset. Often wedding photographers are happy standing in a stage or standing away from the action and shooting with a long telephoto lens. This method of shooting weddings can result in your photographer getting some nice action photos. However, sometimes you really need to get into the action. If everyone is positioned in a circle around the bride and groom no telephoto lens is going to get a really great photo.

As a South Florida wedding Photographer who shoots lot's of Jewish weddings I often find that I need to be inside the circle of friends during the Hora. Shooting the hora at a jewish wedding means that you are looking through a lens while people including rowdy groomsmen are dancing around in a circle. Doing this means that your photographer could easily get pushed, shoved and stepped on while capturing the wedding reception action. Having a get the shot no matter what, attitude means that you wedding photographer can get lots of really fun wedding reception action photos.

What I love most about shooting weddings is the fact that I get to use a wide range of wedding photography skills. Being the Best South Florida Wedding Photographer means that you need to have the ability to shoot beautiful posed portraits, then shift gears and create a unique interesting wedding ring shot and yet have the nerve to get into the action during the wedding reception.

Getting into the action doesn't mean becoming the center of attention. It means blending into the crowd in such a way that nobody minds you being there or better yet not being noticed. By wearing black and keeping a low profile I can accomplish this with ease.

If you are planning a wedding in South Florida and need help with you wedding plans feel free to give us a call at (561) 737-5561. Even though I don't promote myself as a wedding planner, being a wedding photographer requires me to have some wedding planning skills. So if you are looking for a fantastic wedding venue in Miami, Coral Gables, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach Boca Raton or Palm Beach I'm happy to help. Having worked at almost every wedding venue in South Florida, I probably have a collection of photos from your venue.

If you are shopping for a wedding photographer and someone gives you wedding photography advise that just doesn't make sense feel free to reach out to me with questions. I'm happy to help.


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