Creative South Florida wedding photography
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Creative South Florida wedding photography

Creative visual framing is the key to creating the awesome South Florida wedding photography.

Check out how the bride and groom are framed by the trees in this wedding picture. Being able to visualize creative imagery is one aspect of producing memorable and artistic pictures. As a South Florida wedding photographer, I'm lucky to have such a large variety of picture taking opportunities. Some of my favorite wedding locations are not beach locations but, gardens, country clubs and in this case a golf club. By placing this bride and groom against a clear uncluttered section of this scene, I was able to create an image that forces the viewer to focus the attention onto the couple in this wedding picture. One of the rules of photography is that the viewers eye will tend to be drawn to the lightest part of a photograph. Sometimes I simple look to a light area, and determine that I'm going to use this technique. However, this doesn't always work. After, many years of picture taking, I have learned that there are a wide range of posing, lighting and creative tricks that can make a picture unique. It's not a good idea to incorporate too many creative aspects into a single picture, however, visualizing an image, and applying a single photographic technique could result in a beautiful picture. For example, dark hair backlit against a dark background is a technique that always looks nice, that is if done correctly. Check out this example, Back-lit Bride against dark background. If this bride was photographed against a bright background, you would never have that dramatic look of the back-lit hair. This picture was taken at the The Villa Casa Casuarina in South Beach. Here are some more links to other pictures I have taken at the Villa Casuarina. Bride in the bedroom I shot this picture at one of the very first weddings I covered at the Villa Casuarina. Using only natural light, I posed this beautiful bride in the doorway between Gianni Versace's bedroom and bathroom. By the way, I guess I forgot to mention, the Villa Casuarina is the former Versace Mansion. Here is another wedding picture, which I think is cool. Sexy bridal pose at the Versace Mansion. Of course, as the actual photographer, I'm prejudiced. At the top level of the venue is a unique Observation room. This is where I shot this unique South Florida wedding picture. This picture also taken at the Villa Casuarina was captured in front of a beautiful stained glad staircase. I love how you can see her legs through the totally unique Galia Lahav gown. If you want to see some amazing bridal gowns, check out their website.

Why should you hire Jeff Kolodny as your creative South Florida wedding photographer?

There are so many excellent reasons why a recently engaged couple should hire me to photograph their wedding. First, I offer years of experience, combined with a work ethic that is beyond the average. Add the that the fact that I use the latest, current professional equipment and you have plenty of great reasons why I should be your photographer.

Having started taking pictures at the early age of 13, I have expanded my skillset through high school and college. In 1985 I earned my BA in Communications and photography. However, my professional photography education didn't stop there. Upon finishing college, I moved to Los Angels to pursue my career. Why Los Angeles? Simple, All my hero photographers lived on LA. Names such as Herb Ritz, Annie Leibovitz, Garry Bernstein, and others were all based in LA. While living in LA, I worked at the most prestigious photo lab / studio in the country. Having learned from the worlds best photographers, I was able to apply both the technicalities and artistry to my skill set. Today, I view the world through the eyes of a photographer. It's in my nature, that I view everything I see as if it was through my minds lens. When I'm outdoors consciously consider that the iris of my eye is smaller, creating more depth of field, Indoors I consider the fact that my eyes iris opening is wider, creating less depth of field. Sorry, I can't help that, it's in my nature. The say that I breath photography is an understatement.

When you choose me as your South Florida photographer, you don't just get my artistic vision, you also get a work ethic like no other.

For me, hard work comes naturally. There is no laziness where I'm concerned. This holds true from the beginning of the wedding, in which I arrive early, to the end of the wedding or event when I finish strong. Having been a photographer who has shot not just weddings but other important events and family milestones, I know that there are no do overs. This attitude results in my being focused on my job, no matter what is happening around me. Things running late? I keep my attention on using the time I have available to get as many important shots as possible. I'll also consider when other images can me made up. In addition, we the situation becomes more difficult, I become more focused. Inside my mind, I am acutely aware that mistakes can happen more easily when, as the photographer you become more frustrated or anxious. This translates to, me becoming calm, and more focused on the job at hand. In these tough situations, I actually think to myself, keep your cool, concentrate on what needs to be done, stay creative. Believe it or not, I have produced my best work in some of the most difficult situations.

By preparing well in advance, those difficult situations are rare.

By spending time in advance preparing for a wedding photo shoot. The chances of problems are lessoned. How do I prepare? The night before, batteries are charged, memory cards are labeled, cameras are tested. A check list ensures my camera case is loaded with several cameras, back up batteries, extra lighting equipment and any other type of gear is loaded and ready. Contracts and timelines are also checked twice. On the wedding day, extra time is allotted to arrive at the wedding early. Once on my way to a wedding in Miami, A big piece of a truck broke and flew onto the road, right in front of my car. There was no way to avoid this big metal part from going under my car. The part, tore through my cars transmission, exhaust, causing my car to become underivable. From the side of the road, I called the wedding planner, then AAA. The planner sent her assistant to pick me up. AAA arrived at the same time, they took my car one way to the dealer and the wedding planners assistant took me and my camera gear to the wedding. I arrived at the wedding about 10 minutes late. I photographed the wedding, did a wonderful job and the bride and groom never knew I was in an accident. This speaks volumes as to why extra time should always be considered when leaving for a wedding.

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