Destination Wedding Photography
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Destination Wedding Photography

South Florida photographer travels to Stowe Vermont to photograph a wedding.

It's always fun to leave your hometown to photograph as wedding in a far away place. As a wedding photographer who is based in Boynton Beach, Florida I'm usually working in my local area. However, every so often a client will hire me and agree to fly me to another state or country for that matter. I really got lucky with this Vermont wedding!

Because I'm an avid snow skier I make it a point to get in one ski trip each year. Sometimes I'll ski in Canada, other times in California, and often in Vermont. I happened to be skiing with my family in Stowe Vermont which is how I ended up booking this wedding.

After a day on the slopes we spent the evening back in our hotel, while in the hotel my wife was reading a local Stowe magazine. In the magazine was an article about the Von Trapp hotel and resort. The article went on to talk about Sam Von Trapp who was the next in line to run the resort. The article covered the history of the Von Trapp family and the family relation to the Sound of Music. The last line of the article said something to the affect of "Sorry Girl, Sam is engaged." After reading the article I said to myself, I would love to shoot this wedding. I also thought "Fat Chance". However, I decided to pick up the phone and call the hotel. I had no luck on the phone with the hotel. They would not give me any information and wouldn't;t even give me the wedding date. So I decided to change the communication method. I did some easy research and got Sam's e-mail.

I sent an e-mail telling him who I was and also gave a link to my website, and portfolio. in about 20 minutes I received an e-mail from the fiancee saying, meet us for drinks at the hotel. During our outing we spoke about the wedding and the photography. My wife who is a huge Sound of Music fan was happy to talk with them about this movie. To make a long store short they hired me. Several months later I was on a plane to Stowe Vermont to photograph a really cool destination wedding. The wedding ceremony took place in the Vermont woods, in-front of a very small rock church which was built by the grandfather. After the ceremony they had a reception in a huge tent on the Trapp Lodge property.

The change of scenery was a real treat. Here in South Florida I photograph mostly beach and country club resort weddings. If you have never been to Florida, let me tell you, It's Flat. Shooting wedding pictures with rolling mountains in the background was a fantastic change. I wrote a complete blog post on this wedding which is featured on my old blog. Here is the link: SAM & ELISA'’S WEDDING AT THE TRAPP FAMILY LODGE IN VERMONT

If you are ever visiting Stowe Vermont either on a Ski trip or just visiting to sight see, you should check out the Trapp Family Lodge. If you are planning a wedding either in Vermont, South Florida or any other place on the planet, I would love to be your wedding photographer. Give me a call at (561) 737-5561


Location: 700 Trapp Hill Rd, Stowe, VT 05672.

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