Flower girl smelling flowers at a South Florida wedding
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Flower girl smelling flowers at a South Florida wedding

South Florida Wedding Photo of a Flower Girl smelling her Flowers

Shooting weddings in South Florida is always fun because each new wedding is filled with an opportunity to capture unique images or images that are interesting, romantic or just plain cute. This photo of a little flower girl was taken during a wonderful wedding at the Marriott Harbour Beach in the late afternoon. I have shot many weddings at this South Florida wedding venue and they are all beautiful and well organized events.

This photo was taken during the bride and her bridesmaids photo session in the late afternoon. Everything happened perfectly on this day which made taking this photo as simple as snapping the shutter. One of my favorite wedding venues in South Florida is the Marriott for several reasons. The hotel sits right along the Beach and it's a sizable hotel with a huge patio which is perfect for getting photos of the bridal party or other people photos against a beach and ocean background. In the afternoon the hotel casts a huge shadow on the deck below which makes for soft easy lighting.

While we were shooting the bride and her girls, this little flower girl took a moment so sell the flowers. She was not aware I took this photo until after I shot this. Then the other bridesmaids commented, "How Sweet" and this shot was made.

When shooting weddings either in South Florida or any other place for that matter, your wedding photographer needs to always be aware of the surroundings, and ready for what may happen that will make a great photo. By being aware of everything that's going on and aways having the camera set to shoot your photographer can be ready to grab a candid photo in an instant. It's in those moments when people are just hanging out or standing around that some of the most interesting and unique photos are made.

In addition I almost always have 2 cameras close by. Usually one camera has as telephoto lens and the other a wide angle lens. This way I could capture a shot from a far in an instant, or if I'm really close, like in this case, I could switch to the camera with the wide lens.

If you are thinking about saying “I do” on a beautiful beach with your toes in the sand, then South Florida’s many miles of beaches feature an almost unlimited selection gorgeous wedding venues to choose from. This wedding photo took place at a beautiful hotel in Broward County. However, you can also choose a venue in Dade County, Palm Beach County and of course the Florida Keys.

The wide assortment of wedding venues and hotels in the area will be sure to suit almost any budget. In the 16 years I have been working as a photographer in South Florida I have photographed wedding as large as 500 guests and as small as an elopement just for two. Some of the weddings I have covered have been laid back and casual events taking place on the beach or under the palm trees. Other weddings I have shot have been large 400 person black tie events. If high end luxury is what you’re after, then try visiting Palm Beach. There you will find famous resorts such as The Breakers, The Eau Palm Beach and the Four Seasons. All amazing!

This wedding photo was taken in Broward County at the Harbor Beach Marriott. Even though you have a ton of choices when it comes to wedding venues on Fort Lauderdale beach I must tell you the this is one of the best choices because the hotel sits directly on the beach. Most of the other wedding venues in South Florida are located across the street from the beach. The beach at the Marriott is private with translates to no riff riff on the beach. The only people you will see on the beach at the Marriott Harbor Beach is other hotel guests. If you would like to see more pictures from this beautiful luxury venue here are some links to other weddings I have shot here.

One of my favorite South Florida wedding venues.

Wedding fun on the beach in Fort Lauderdale

Bride and Groom portrait on a beautiful South Florida beach.

By visiting the links above you should have no problem telling how lovely the beach is at the Marriott. While a wedding in Fort Lauderdale will cost less than a Palm Beach wedding you can certainly tell the beach at the Marriott is the best around.

If you are planning a wedding in South Florida and need a photographer, I hope you find my website helpful and interesting to look at. In this area there are a tons of really beautiful venues that are perfect for weddings. I find it difficult to believe that I'm going into my 15th year of photographing weddings here in South Florida. It's always exciting working at the awesome hotels that line the beautiful Atlantic Ocean.

Since I have been here I have photographed at almost every South Florida Wedding venue around, so if you are planning a wedding in, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Palm Beach or even the Florida Keys, I would love to assist you with your plans. Feel free to call me at (561) 737-5561


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