Emotional wedding picture at The Hillsboro Club
Jeff Kolodny Photography

Emotional wedding picture at The Hillsboro Club

A special moment captured in Black and White by South Florida wedding photographer, Jeff Kolodny

There are so many different aspects of wedding photography, these include, Posed, or as I like to call it, casually posed, candid, traditional, lifestyle, artistic, and my favorite, photo-journalistic. So, what is wedding photo-journalism? Actually, it's the art of telling a story, or part of a story through photography. Take this image for example, it's clear looking at this shot that the grooms mother is emotional as she hugs her son during his walk down the aisle. This type of shot is not always easy to get, because it's spontaneous, could happen at any time, and the photographer could be positioned in any number of places. This South Florida wedding took place at The Hillsboro Club in Fort Lauderdale. I have photographed many weddings at this location. The area where wedding ceremonies take place is along the hotel. This part of the hotel has a low roof that sits along the hotel rooms. By opening a the hotel room window, the photographer could craw out onto the roof and get this shot from a high angle. Most South Florida wedding photographers, are not so bold as to craw out a hotel window to get a shot, however, I am. The location is not as bad or dangerous as this passage reads. It was only a few feet from the window, and I was able to get the perfect angle.

When I processed this image, I decided that converting to black and white would give the most impact.

All the wedding pictures I capture are taken in color using what is known as camera raw. In camera raw the camera captures exactly what is seen. The camera does not change the image in anyway. Once the wedding pictures are been returned to the studio the images are processed to convey the intention of the photographer. So why black and white? First, color images create a wide range of visual distractions. In color, everything gets attention, the color of the outfits, the brown color of the wooden deck, the flowers off to the right of the frame, while small demands the viewers attention. In addition, black and white imagery forces the viewer to mentally record textures and patterns at a higher level. The emotion of the grooms mothers face, draws the viewers attention more so in black and white than it would in color. In addition, by processing this in black and white, I could slighting darken the sides of the image which draws the attention to mom's face.

This wedding picture was taken at The Hillsboro club, one of my favorite South Florida wedding venues.

When most people think of South Florida wedding photography, they think of a beautiful ceremony by the ocean. If you are getting married at The Hillsboro club, in Fort Lauderdale, you would be correct. You can't see it in this picture, but to the left of this shot is the Atlantic Ocean in all it's blue splendor. Working at the Hillsboro Club gives a photographer the opportunity to get scenic pictures against, beautiful landscaping, the ocean, of there is an amazing picturesque lighthouse. Here are some pictures taken at various Hillsboro club weddings. Bride and groom at the Hillsboro Club. Here is you ocean background! This one was taken inside the hotel lobby. The bride and groom wanted privacy at the time this shot was captured: First Look at The Hillsboro Club

Check out this picture below, also from the Hillsboro Club. - One of the main attractions of the Hillsboro Club is the lighthouse. South Florida has a few lighthouses but there are few and they are scattered about, one is off Key Biscayne, one is in Jupiter. This lighthouse could be seen from the beach to the south, I actually shot a wedding at the Pompano Beach Marriott and the bride and groom insisted on pictures of this very lighthouse in the background. You can see that picture here

Whenever I have a wedding with such a unique feature such as this, I alway make sure to include it in some of the pictures. Working as a South Florida wedding photographer, I have found that incorporating features as unique as this, can make or break a wedding picture.

Check out this picture, Also from the Hillsboro Club. Bride getting ready for her wedding day. This one was taken inside the bridal suite, it doesn't show the club grounds, however, it does shot creativity and the fact that this location has nice places to take pictures all around. This picture is posted on my Instagram feed. This picture was taken in the main lobby, I used the glass coffee table as a way to get this double reflection. One of my favorite parts of wedding photography is setting up and photographing the "First Look". I captured this first look shot just outside the front lobby. Here is another one of my favorite pictures taken at The Hillsboro Club, again no outdoor scenery, but a fun moment taken during the bride and bridesmaids toast. Girls having fun.

BELOW: This is the oldest wedding picture on my website. It shows that the Hillsboro Club has plenty of places to take a wide range of posed wedding pictures. By turning the bride so that the sun sets behind her, she gets a nice hair light.

Having shot so many weddings at the Hillsboro Club, I have found that virtually every type of picture could be taken here. Everything from artistic, to casual, to posed, and of course photo-journalism could be captured at this South Florida ocean side wedding venue!

Location: 901 Hillsboro Mile, Hillsboro Beach, FL .

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