Girls in the Bride's Mirror
Jeff Kolodny Photography

Girls in the Bride's Mirror

Bridesmaids in Getting Ready the Brides Mirror.

Shooting Weddings South Florida is always a fun and sometimes challenging experience. As a experienced wedding photographer I'm always looking for something interesting and unique to create.

For this photograph of Ella and her girls I decided to think outside the box. I had the bride pose next to the full length mirror. Then I moved the make up mirror to the side and had her bridesmaids stand in front of the same wall. Since the mirror is vertical I had the first bridesmaid get down low and then stacked the other girls head above head. The girl on top actually had to stand on a chair to position herself on top. Later I combined both images in photoshop. Some retouching and a nice filter and there you have it. A fun photo.

Whenever I'm shooting weddings I alway try my best to make the process fun and enjoyable. Normally clients expect the their wedding photographer to do the basics. Stand here, take a picture, then move and take another. This approach is fine but it's also boring. Having some fun, by doing creative poses makes the process more enjoyable. If also, creates a situation where the bride and groom are excited to see the results of creative poses. Stacking bridesmaids heads one on top of another makes for a memorable experience for the Bride and her Girls.

This wedding took place at one of my favorite wedding venues, The Polo Club of Boca Raton FL.

This South Florida Wedding Venue has everything a photographer can dream of. It's got beautiful grounds, Waterfalls, and Fountains with Fire coming of the top. (Really I'm not kidding!) Fountains with fire! Every time I work there I feel like I've created something unique.

Location: 5400 Champion Blvd, Boca Raton, FL 33496.

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