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South Florida Wedding Photography

South Florida Wedding Photography from the St Regis, Bal Harbour.

I must admit I had a blast making this photo at the St Regis! This wedding photo was taken during a staged shoot between myself, Boca Raton Bridal and J Morgan Flowers. The St Regis was looking for some advertising wedding photos for their marketing efforts and they asked J Morgan Flowers to provide some table top decor, Jacqueline from J Morgan Flowers asked me to photograph the decor and ballroom. I figured, hey, since we are going to make the effort, why not get some models and bridal gowns as well? I was thrilled when Jan at Boca Bridal agreed to help out by providing some beautiful wedding gowns.

The St Regis, Bal Harbour Resort is by far one of the most gorgeous venues around. If you are looking for an exquisite setting for your wedding celebration, Elopement, Bat or Bar Mitzvah or any other special event, you will be delighted with their oceanside ocean location surrounded by tropical plants and trees, also don't forget their amazing beach! If you are planning a South Florida wedding, this hotel should be on your list of places to check out.

This photograph was created using one light positioned at the bride's back with another light bouncing off the wall behind the camera. If at all possible, I try to get nice soft lighting on woman's faces because this type of lighting looks best on females. If I had a guy in the photo with her, I would allow the guys face to have the harsher lighting. I look at it like this, if there is a line with a shadow on a girls face, it's a wrinkle, if the same line is on a guys face, it's character. So the rule of thumb is, the girl gets the soft light and the guy can get either soft or hard light.

When I moved here from LA over 15 years ago, My goal was to provide the best South Florida wedding photography possible. It has taken me years and years of schooling, attending workshops and seminars, as well as shooting a whole lot of weddings. Finally I got to the point where I can look at a situation, decide what I want the photo to look like, and make a photo that looks like the photo I imagined. So far I estimate that I have easily photographed well over 2000 weddings.

If you are in the process of planning a South Florida wedding and looking for the best wedding photographer around, I would love to have the chance to talk. Aside from shooting weddings in Bal Harbour, I have experience working in most of the Southern Florida's other hotels. I'm very familiar with venues in, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, The Florida Keys, Coral Gables, and Fort Lauderdale as well as many many other places. I also travel to far away places for destination weddings as well.

Feel free to browse my photo galleries, and don't forget check out my blog. If you would like to talk my number is (561) 737-5561


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