Wedding at the Eau Palm Beach
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Wedding at the Eau Palm Beach

This exciting black and white grand entrance photo-journalistic picture was taken at the Eau Palm Beach.

This Black and White Wedding Photo of the Bride and Groom entering their Ballroom Reception a at the Eau Palm Beach was captured originally as a color image. However to put the focus on the bride and Groom I decided to process this as a Black and White final image. The Eau Palm Beach is consider to be one of the most elegant wedding venues in South Florida. As a destination wedding photographer I often find myself working at the Eau Hotel. The Eau Palm Beach is popular because it is located on the ocean and offerers Brides and Grooms the opportunity to take wedding photos on the beach as well as on the Eau's beautiful landscaped grounds.

If you would like to visit the Eau Palm Beach website here's the link: Eau Palm beach

BELOW: Here is another picture from the same wedding.

Kissing at the Eau Spa in Palm Beach

There are so many awesome places to take pictures at the Eau Palm Beach, one unique place is inside the hotels spa. Not everyone gets to take wedding pictures inside the hotel spa. However, if you are getting married in the hotel and use the hotel's spa for hair and make-up they usually allow couples a few minutes inside the spa for pictures. When photographing at the Eau Spa, it's important to remember that the people enjoying the spa want their quiet and privacy. In this case we kept the photography session in the spa short and I worked quickly. The people in the spa were very nice and ok with us taking a few pictures. Toward the back of the spa there was some chairs suspended by chains over a pool of flowing water. This picture was actually taken at Gabrielle and Jeff's engagement photo session. You could see the other pictures from their engagement shoot here: Gabrielle and Jeff's engagement pictures. Even though these pictures were taken at The Eau Palm Beach I find myself working all over South Florida.

If you want to see more wedding pictures taken at the Eau Palm Beach check out Monique and Adam's wedding. We were not lucky enough to get into the spa for this wedding but the pictures in Monique and Adam's wedding will really give you a great taste of the hotel.

To see more Pictures from the Eau Palm Beach click the link. This is a post that shows pictures taken all around the hotel. Since I'm local to Palm Beach County, I find myself working at the Eau often. This explains why I have such a wide range of pictures from the hotel.

Lauren and Brett had a fantastic wedding at the Eau Palm Beach. This is one of the oldest blog posts on my website. At the time I photographed this wedding the Eau was actually the Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach. The name has since changed but the hotel still looks the same.

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Location: Eau Palm Beach 100 South Ocean Blvd, Manalapan, FL 33462.

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