Beach Wedding South Florida
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Beach Wedding South Florida

Beach Wedding in South Florida photo taken in Marco Island.

If you are interested in planning a beautiful beach wedding in South Florida I would love the opportunity to assist you with your photography, I moved to South Florida about 15 years ago and since then have photographed brides and grooms at the most beautiful South Florida beaches in the entire state. What is so great about South Florida beaches is the fact that every beach is unique. The beaches on the South East coast have the waves and are hot beds for an active nightlife. If you venture down the coast to the Florida Keys you will find beaches that are picturesque because of the off shore greenery and the turquoise blue green water. On the South West coast of Florida the environment changes and so does the beach. The beaches located on the west coast of Florida feature fine, powder like sand and few waves. Swimming in the ocean on the south west coast of Florida is more like soaking in a warm bathtub.

This beach wedding photo taken in South Florida was from an after the ceremony photo session in Marco Island. The soft fine sand of Marco Island created this beautiful ripple effect which is unique and beautiful. In addition since Marco Island is in the west coast of Florida you get a beautiful sunset. Having lived in Los Angeles, I have become familiar with photographing couples against the setting sun.

After a lovely beach wedding ceremony the bride and groom and I headed to the ocean to shoot this beach sunset photo. In taking this photo I really wanted that famous Marco Island ripple sand effect to be present in the foreground. While keeping an eye out for a great photo spot I saw this area where the sand created a peninsula for the bride and groom to stand. Of course I got wet running back and forth between the bride and groom and my shooting spot. However, you can bet, If I'm getting wet taking a photo, it going to be a great photo. The staff at their hotel went nuts when they saw this shot.

Even though I'm based on the east coast of South Florida, I'm very happy to make the 65 mile drive to the west coast. I often get calls for weddings and elopements in the Naples area.

Since South West Florida is such a huge place for destination wedding and elopements many venues have a house or resort photographer, They offer this as a way of reducing costs and maximize the venue's profits. The issue is that often these house or staff photographers are low quality, You’ll get what you pay (or don’t pay) for. If the venue offers a wedding or elopement package the included everything for a discount, I would suggest that you meet with the photographer and ask to see a complete finished wedding before deciding to take the house package. If you’re not satisfied with the portfolio, insist on bringing in an outside photographer.

If you would like to see the entire blog post for this wedding here is the link: Candace & Joe's Wedding

Not too far from Marco island is another awesome South Florida destination wedding location. Here is a link to a beach wedding we shot in South Florida, in the town of Naples. Molly and Jeff's beautiful Naples beach wedding. This was actually photographed by my staff photographer Albert.

If you are planning a destination wedding in South Florida we would love to talk with you. In my years photographing weddings we have shot over 2000 weddings. All those weddings amount to lot and lot of experience. While I'm not really a wedding planner, I'm very knowledgeable about weddings and wedding planning. If you need a wedding planner I can refer you to an experiences planner who is perfect for the wedding you are planning. My phone number is (561) 737-5561


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