Bride and Groom in an old staircase at Vizcaya,
Jeff Kolodny Photography

Bride and Groom in an old staircase at Vizcaya,

Bride and groom photo taken in an old staircase at Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

One of my favorite places for photography is Vizcaya Museum & Gardens. Over my many years as a wedding photographer in South Florida, I have shot many weddings and engagement photos at this wonderful Miami wedding venue. Vizcaya is a huge beautiful venue that has fantastic water views, beautiful gardens, old stone formations and a very interesting barge that sticks out of the water behind the stone walled Museum, or house.

Whenever I'm photographing a wedding, one of my main goals is to create unique images that no one has seen before. This could mean that I'm shooting at a unique angle, that is either high up shooting down or a low angle shooting up at the couple. I also look to see if there is something that I could shoot through, which would give the photo a foreground and background perspective.

As a South Florida Photographer, I do find that often, I'm working at the same wedding venue over and over. While some wedding locations have photo spots that are very popular I always do my best to seek out unique areas that are off the beaten path. While searching about at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens I found this staircase. I always love shooting bridal photos on staircases. I really loved the swirl created by the railing so putting this couple at the bottom looking up was a no brainer.

If you have never been to Vizcaya you should check this historic location out. Many movies have been shot here. Some movies that have been shot here are, Iron Man Three, Bad Boys II, Any Given Sunday and many more.

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