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Bride and Groom portrait taken by a South Florida Wedding Photographer

Working as a South Florida wedding photographer I get to take images at some of the most beautiful event venues in the area. I must admit I have no shortage of awesome beaches, fantastic sunsets, and a wide selection of the most incredible landscapes you could imagine. By combining my photography skills with my photo retouch and enhancement skills I cam produce images that are unforgettable.

If you are planning a wedding, elopement, or special event in South Florida then visiting the venue where this picture was taken is a must. This image was taken at The Breakers in Palm Beach which sits directly on the beach. I posed the bride and groom by the hotel sea wall and shot this photo using a special infrared camera. Later I colored this photo using Photoshop. More about this image later,

If you are considering South Florida as your wedding location then you are making a great choice. With our beautiful beaches, awesome weather, and huge range of event venues, this is the perfect place to tie the knot. Communities such as Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Coral Gables and the Florida keys all have amazing places for weddings.

This wedding photo was taken at one of the most beautiful wedding venues in the area. The grounds are amazing and the hotel has many different ballrooms. There is no shortage of places to take pictures at this location. The front of the hotel has a humongous water fountain with water shooting in many different directions. There are lots of picturesque walkways lined with pillars as well as plenty of brick walkways. The inside of the Breakers has plenty of great photo spots as well. In the center of the hotel is the most beautiful courtyard that is also amazing for wedding pictures. As a South Florida wedding photographer, it's one of my favorite places to work.

Click the links below if you would like to see another great photo which was taken at The Breakers.

Bride and Groom looking out at the Ocean. I shot this photo on the same sea wall looking in the opposite direction.

Black and White Infrared Wedding Ceremony Photo, taken at The Breakers. This is another really cool photo I shot at The Breakers as well. This one is totally unique.

Bride and Groom Kiss at The Breakers. This one was shot in the Breakers croquet lawn.

Check out this article which includes lots of images from all over The Breakers. In this post I have included images from several different weddings. I have been working at The Breakers for many years so some of these pictures are from my older weddings. If you are planning a wedding at The Breakers you should check this out.

Wedding photographs taken at The Breakers.

I'm sure you can tell looking at these photos, I have shot lots of pictures at The Breakers.

This photo of the bride and groom standing by the ocean was shot using a photographic technique called infrared. Infrared photography is unique because the camera is sensitive to a wavelength of light that humans don't perceive. Landscape photos taken with this type of camera are very unique because the camera doesn't see the image the same way a person would. In normal black and white grass and trees would register as grey. However, in infrared the grass and trees register as shades of white. Imagine Palm Trees looking white in photographs. Using photoshop I colored this photo with shades of orange, light green and light subtle blue. When shooting a wedding, I shoot mostly color, normal images mixed with some black and white and sepia, However, I also enjoy experimenting.

Often when couples think of South Florida weddings they imagine a beach wedding with toes in the sand. However, there are also many other wonderful places to get married and take photos besides the beach. Venues such as Parkland Country Club, Broken Sound Country Club , and Turnberry Country Club all have beautiful places for great weddings and events. This weekend's wedding is at Boca Pointe Country Club which is another great wedding location.

Why should you hire me as your South Florida wedding photographer?

If you are planning a wedding here in South Florida there are many reasons why you should hire me as your photographer. First, I have been doing photographer for many years. I was formally trained in photography and have received a degree in both photography and communications. After college I moved to Los Angeles where I worked for several of the most famous and talented photographers in the world. I also have worked as a photographer shooting many different types of photography ranging from food photography to product photography and even photo-journalism and fine portrait photography. All these skill sets are a huge plus when photographing a wedding.

Second, I have been in business for many years, well over 30. This means that I know how to run a successful business. I can budget correctly, hire the right people, use the best services and prepare for any business or logistical miss hap that may be thrown my way. Third, I use the best photo gear available, and my gear is serviced on a regular basis. I don't bring a good camera and then an old back up camera just in case. No, I shoot with several of the best recent cameras all together on each job. When a camera breaks, and cameras do break, I can switch to another camera without missing a beat. Forth, I'm an expert in using Photoshop and other retouching programs, I can do most anything you can imagine and the normal retouch stuff is my way of life. Remove pimples, YES, Remove shiny skin, Sure, Take off a few pounds, No Problem, This is the easy stuff. Fifth, In addition to taking the wedding pictures I also offer wedding albums that are custom designed. Not all the the couples who hire me include albums with their photography, however many do. I guess I would say about half include albums. Before we create a wedding album we make sure to share the album layout with the bride and groom. They get to review the album page and page and are free to make changes to any pages that they don't love. Today I hav found that many South Florida wedding photographers don't make albums. I know this because I have had several couples who hired a different photographer, reach out to me and ask if I could make an album for them. I have found that our wedding album clients are very serious about the album and they want their album to be perfect. I couldn't agree more. A wedding album is a beautiful piece of art that should last for generations. I actually wrote a blog post on wedding albums. In my blog post I cover all the fine points of wedding albums and album design. You can check out the link here: All about wedding albums. If after viewing my pictures you have any questions please give me at call at (561) 737-5561. I would love to talk.


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