Wedding Photography by Jeff Kolodny
Jeff Kolodny Photography

Wedding Photography by Jeff Kolodny

Capturing Your Unique Love Story

Welcome to Jeff Kolodny Photography

Congratulations on your engagement! You're about to start one of the most exciting chapters of your life, and we're here to make sure every precious moment is beautifully captured. At Jeff Kolodny Photography, we believe that wedding photography should be as unique as your love story.

Why Choose Us?

In today's world, there are more wedding photographers than ever before. To truly stand out, we think outside the box and deliver something extraordinary. Our secret? Infrared Photography.

What is Infrared Photography?

Infrared photography captures light that is invisible to the naked eye, revealing a dreamlike, ethereal quality in your wedding photos. This technique can turn green foliage into a snowy white wonderland and create dramatic, otherworldly effects. It's like capturing a hidden dimension of your special day.

Client Testimonials

"I wasn't sure about infrared photography at first, but those shots ended up being my favorite part of the album. They're so unique and magical!" - Sarah & John

"I hired Jeff specifically for his infrared photography. It added such a distinctive touch to our wedding pictures that we’ll treasure forever." - Emily & James

Tailored to Your Preferences

We understand that infrared photography isn't for everyone. Some wedding planners and clients have expressed their reservations, and that's perfectly okay. Your wedding day should reflect your personal taste and vision.

  • Optional Infrared Shots: If you prefer, we can exclude infrared photography from your package or only include it upon request.
  • Customizable Albums: You have full control over which photos make it into your final wedding album. Many couples find that they end up loving the ethereal beauty of our infrared shots.

Our Services

  • Engagement Photoshoots: Capture the love and excitement leading up to your big day.
  • Wedding Day Coverage: From getting ready to your grand exit, we cover it all.
  • Custom Albums: Beautifully crafted albums that tell your unique love story.
  • Post-Wedding Sessions: Relive the magic with a follow-up photoshoot.

Let's Make Memories Together

Ready to make your wedding day unforgettable? Contact us today to schedule a consultation and see how we can capture your unique love story.

Call or text me at 954-560-1533

At Jeff Kolodny Photography, we don't just take photos; we create art that tells the story of your love. Whether you're an engaged couple, a wedding planner, or a groom looking for something different, we're here to provide a photography experience as unique as you are.

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