Wedding ring photography
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Wedding ring photography

In wedding photography, the ability to photograph everything perfectly is what makes a great South Florida wedding photographer.

What do I love most about wedding photography? How about the fact that a great wedding photographer should have to ability to photograph every aspect of each wedding. Often, a bride will ask me, what is your style? Honestly, I don't have a style. Or to put this question another way. My style is whatever style you like. Having been a wedding photographer for over 30 years, I have learned that a professional photographer, needs to be skilled in a wide range of photography disciplines. This means that, if your client loves images that have a light and airy feel to them, the photographer should be able to replicate that look. If the client wants, contrasty and vibrant, your wedding photographer should be able to produce images that pop. In addition, there are so many different parts of a wedding, having the ability to capture everything is paramount.

How much time does a South Florida bride, or any bride for that matter, spend planning every detail of her wedding?

Every aspect of a wedding takes some for of planning. Look at this wedding ring, a big diamond framed with smaller diamonds? Diamonds on the shank? During the engagement process, someone thought about this. Who is on the guest list? Someone thought about that. What about the color of the flowers, or the linens. Working as a wedding photographer, the ability to photograph all these details is what will provide meaningful images. During the process of shooting these details, your wedding photographer is working in the capacity of a product photographer. Then there is the people photography part. Posed portraits? Candid pictures, black and white photo-journalism? I recently had a bride hire me because she loved my candid party pictures. Then when time came to collect the deposit, I got to speak with the brides mother. She told me she asked to bride to check out my work, because she loved my posed beauty pictures. You can bet I'll be shooting lots of candid action shots during the party, and beautiful family pictures during the family photo session.

Don't forget to photograph the couples wedding rings?

I love all aspects of wedding photography. However, each different type of photography is unique in terms of the time needed and the skills required. When I'm photographing a wedding, I like to produce wedding ring pictures that are beautiful, crisp and unique. This means time needs to be spent. Sometimes a wedding ring shot will come together quickly, other times I have to spend more time making the photo. I like to photograph the wedding rings at some point during the reception. This way I'm not confined with an upcoming approaching event. Before I start the wedding ring photography, I alway ask the band leader or the DJ if anything is going to take place that will cause a conflict with my photography efforts.

This wedding ring shot was taken on the wedding cake table, using one of the roses which was sitting on the cake table. I used a 50mm normal field of view macro lens, and spend about 15 minutes working to get the brides ring to stay in place. I have often found that its to getting the rings to behave that takes the most time.

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