Decor at a South Florida Wedding in Delray Beach
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Decor at a South Florida Wedding in Delray Beach

Isn't this South Florida wedding decor picture magnificent?

If you are looking for a beautiful wedding venue with beach access and plenty of places for pictures read about this Delray Beach location below.

This South Florida wedding picture was taken at one of my favorite beach side hotels.

I shot this awesome wedding decor picture at one of my all time favorite South Florida wedding venues. At the time I took this picture the venue was named the Delray Beach Marriott. Currently this hotel is undergoing a complete transformation. While the basic structure of the hotel is going to remain the same, the outside appearance of the hotel is going to be different. The inside of the hotel is being completely modernized and upgraded. Honestly, as a South Florida wedding photographer I always loved working at this venue. When this hotel's re-design is finished, there is no question this is going to be South Florida go to place for wedding photography.

A new name for an fantastic Delray Beach hotel in a great location.

When the hotel re-opens the new name if the hotel is going to be the Opal Grand. I grand name for what is going to be South Florida most beautiful and luxurious wedding and event venue. Aside form a top notch upgrade. This venue is situated in Delray Beach, across from the most magnificent beach in the area. The beach across from the hotel is wide and offers great scenery. Check out this picture taken on the beach across from the hotel. Bride and Groom walking to the beach. This picture was taken after the wedding ceremony at dusk. The bride and groom did not want sand in the wedding gown, or in their shoes before the ceremony. However, they did was beach pictures. After the ceremony we darted across the street and took this photo. For experience, I know that the beach across from the Opal Grand, is perfect for late afternoon or dusk pictures. Because the sun sets in the west, you won't be able to get ocean view wedding pictures with a sunset. Getting wedding pictures with the ocean in the background you have to shoot to the east. However, you can get a really cool sky and capture some awesome light. There is a time of day, that South Florida photographers refer to as "The Golden Hour" This is the time when the sun is low in the sky, about one hour before and until sunset. The position of the sun allows the photographer the option of shooting soft light, directional light, and back lighting, all depending on the position of the subject and the camera. Check out this link for another one of my golden hour wedding pictures. South Florida golden hour beach picture.

In addition the the wonderful beach which is located right across the street, the front of the Opal Grand has plenty of wedding photography options. This photo of the bride and groom in front of the Opal Grand was taken during the pre ceremony wedding photo session. Over the years I have photographed a huge amount of weddings at the Opal Grand in South Florida. When it was the Delray Beach Marriott, I worked inside this hotel covering weddings, Bat and Bar Mitzvahs, Corporate Events, and even some upscale birthday parties. If you are recently engaged, planning a party or just want family pictures, check out the Opal Grand.

About these flowers and wedding reception decor.

One of the top rated South Florida wedding and event decor design companies is Xquisite Events. Considered the best of the best, Exquisite events produces decor and designs that are unique, outside the box and the offer a level of service that is beyond most peoples expectations. Whenever, I'm photographing a wedding, bat / bar mitzvah or event of any type, I know this going to look awesome if Xquisite events is doing the decor. Here in South Florida, there are plenty of great floral design companies, some more creative then others. When a recently engaged couple reaches out to me, the often ask me if I know any flower people. Of course they also ask about other wedding and event vendors as well. I'm always happy to recommend bands, Djs, hair and make up people and more.

While Xquisite events is one of the most creative florists in the area, you will probably find their cost is higher, however, I'm sure you heard the expression, you get what you pay for.

Including time to take wedding decor pictures is important when photographing a South Florida wedding.

There are so many different aspects of wedding photography, these include the getting ready pictures, the first look pictures, the bride and groom pictures, family pictures, ceremony, cocktail hour pictures. Normally when I'm shooting a South Florida wedding, I take pictures of the ballroom decor during the cocktail hour. During the cocktail hour is spend taking group pictures and some of the cocktail hour food. Generally people don't like having their picture taken while they are eaten. In talking to wedding guests, I have learned that people are sometimes self conscious and think eating pictures could be associated with being fat. While I try my best to cover the cocktail well, I'm careful not to embarrass anyone. This is why I will alternate between shooting room decor and cocktail hour. One of the best parts of being a wedding photographer in South Florida is the fact that I get to shoot such a wide range of imagery. A wedding photographer gets to shoot people, live action, and of course decor.

Wedding pictures from the Opal Grand before the big make over. While I'm very excited to photograph my first Opal Grand wedding, here are a few images form the old Delray Beach Marriott. A wedding from the old Delray Beach Marriott. This wedding was a fun day filled with all types of pictures. Opal Grand side patio wedding picture This shot was taken at the side entrance of the hotel. The hotel was still the Marriott Delray Beach at this point.

Beach wedding photo taken at The Opal Grand, you can't see the actual hotel in this photo, it was taken at the beach across the street from the hotel. You can see that this is a really beautiful stretch of beach.

If you would like to see more from the Opal Grand, please reach out to me at (561) 737-5561


Location: 10 N Ocean Blvd, Delray Beach, FL 33483.

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