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Having happy clients is my number one goal. Over the years I have received a huge amount of wonderful comments and reviews. If you are planning a South Florida wedding and are looking for a photographer, I urge you to read some of these client comments. I posed many of these reviews at the bottom of my home page. However I've posted different wedding related comments below. Check them out!

Hi Jeff! Hope you had a great weekend and that your week is off to a good start as well. I just had to say THANK YOU again!!! I am so in love with the engagement shoot photos I can't stop looking at them. Absolutely impossible to choose a favorite! I am even more excited for my wedding now just knowing how beautifully it will be captured :). Thank you so so so so much! In all honesty, I typically hate pictures other people take of me and I am very pleasantly stunned at how you managed to capture both of us so beautifully! You even got a perfect shot of the dip in the street as we were seemingly fumbling around the entire time attempting it haha you are AMAZING! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! - Jennifer

From Jeff, I must say I never get tired of receiving wonderful thank you notes like this. Today, when someone scours the web, either in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or by just doing a search, they will find a wide range of amazing pictures. Working as a South Florida photographer, I know how many great photographers there are just in my area. However, to receive a thank you note such as this means that I produced more than just nice pictures. One of the most important parts of photography is the client experience. 95% of my clients are not models and have no experience posing. In addition they have never been in front of a camera with a real photographer before. Even in Jennifers note you can read, she typically hates pictures of her that other people have taken.

The reason why most people feel this way has to do with the confidence the person being photographed has in the photographer. When the photographer, isn't sure how to person being photographed should stand, pose, shift their weight, position their arms, legs, the feel awkward, and it shows on their face. Breaking through this required years of experience on the part of the photographer. I don't give my clients the time of feel awkward. From the second start shooting, I'm posing, smiling, explaining what works and teaching my brides, grooms, family members, Bat and Bar Mitzvah kids how to look great in front of the camera. You know, as a South Florida wedding photographer, I see lots of "after the wedding" honeymoon pictures posted online. Looking that these pictures I can clearly see that through the experiences and instruction given during the photography, some of my instruction was absorbed by the couple. I see in the pictures, the now wife has shifted her weight in the right way, pushed her hips as to accent or hide certain body parts. I see heads tipped correctly.

In her thank you she also talks about looking forward to the wedding day. This is the perfect reason why a couple should do an engagement session. Now she knows what to expert. As someone who likes to think of myself as the best South Florida photographer, letters like with always make my day!!

On behalf or Make-A-Wish® Southern Florida, I would like to thank you for providing such amazing beach pictures from or family in need. We truly appreciate your kindness that helped create an unforgettable experience for our wish family. As you know, the mission of Make-A-Wish is to create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. It is our hope that by fulfilling their one most heartfelt wish we can offer them life affirming experiences and provide wish families with special memories of hope, strength and joy.

Hi Jeff,

These photographs are amazing!! You are beyond talented. The pictures and video are better than we could have even imagined! I definitely would like to order an album and based upon the number of pictures we like probably the 12x12.

No rush on Matt we are just super excited after seeing all these great photos! Lol

Thanks! Katie

Nailed it Jeff! Couldn't have been happier and we have the best pictures to show for it!

Good Morning Jeff, Good Morning All

Below are the beautiful photos that Jeff took from the fundraiser.

Jeff again thank you so much for collaboration and taking these beautiful photos, and yes we will make sure you get the credit on any photo that we use :)

I'll keep in touch

Warmest Regards,


The Jewel of Lake Worth Beach

My pictures are Beautiful!

Thank you so much! I thought I had no good pictures because between church and the floral not being what I expected, and all the people that aggravated me during a very stressful day. To be honest i wasn’t even thinking of pictures and I was not in the mood. But you did such an amazing job making sure you captured everything and everyone. I must say, I’m very very pleased. Thank you so much

You were awesome and worth every penny!

Also thank you for coming to get me to take that picture of my little family. I love it!

Anyone that asks me for pictures U know who I will recommend you.

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The note I received below came from a bride several months after her wedding. At the bottom I explain the situation.

About the above thank you note, I received.

When this couple hired me as their South Florida wedding photographer, I first spoke with the bride, "Katie" when we spoke she told be that she was referred to me by the Fort Lauderdale Marriott Pompano Beach Resort & Spa. During our discussion we talked about the style of photography we wanted, her family, and other wedding details. Then we moved on to talk about her fiancé. "He is going to be a problem." she said. Number one, he doesn't like having his picture taken, Number two, he won't smile, Number three, he works very hard long hours and isn't as thin as he would like to be. (I don't think anyone is.). When I spoke to him, he told me, I just don't want to look alike a dork, epically after paying thousands of dollars for wedding photography. All this, I could totally understand, as a photographer, I prefer to be behind the camera, and not in front of the lens, I myself don't like my smile, and as far as the weight thing, Yea, I'm at the gym every day, and it's not easy to drop the weight. However, as a wedding photographer, I am skilled at making people look great.

The groom basically asked me, How are you going to make be look great? At first I gave him the answer I would expect every South Florida wedding photographer gives, "I use the best gear, I will find the best angles, bla, bla, bla, then my ego kicked in and I mentioned that I went to college for this, lived in LA, photographed ugly famous people, and had to make them look awesome, fast. Finally, I suggested doing an engagement shoot. I went on to ask him to give me a chance and let me prove to him, I can make him look great.

The first time we met was at our engagement session in Palm Beach, Worth Avenue actually. As for the grooms looks, he look good, good face, sure a bit heavy, but not too heavy. However, I could tell he hated the thought of being photographed. From experience, and training, I know that the attitude of the photographer is critical to getting good people pictures. The photographer, needs to convey confidence, and take control of the situation. This is best done by directing the photo session. Most of my wedding clients are not models, they are doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants, very few are models and most don't have modeling experience. It's up to the photographer, to pose, and also teach people how to look their best in front of the camera. Even if the photographer, takes a bad picture, the photographer, should not say anything, I anything, say, great and move on to the next pose. Lucky for me, I know how to pose all different body types, and posing the groom was not a problem at all. Getting him to smile was tougher. However, I think after the first 1/2 hour of photography he started to trust me and loosened up. I must admit, the shoot was a challenge, not because of how he looked, but the smiling thing, or lack of smiling thing. After the photo session, I processed the pictures, did some photoshop, light body contouring. Turnout, he loved the pictures! I got the sense that once the fiancé saw himself looking great, he felt confident that his wedding pictures would look fantastic.

On the wedding day, the couple looked great, Katie, was a beautiful bride, and the groom looked great, smiled, posed, and had a great attitude. We shot pictures out on the beach, and all around the hotel. I did some creative poses with the groom and the guy, the bride and the girls. It was a fun, wedding day.

“Hi Jeff it's Bee oh my gosh I just wanted to really really really really thank you for the beautiful beautiful beautiful pictures that you took of me and my daughter you really really really made me so happy! The pictures are so beautiful and I just wanted to call you and talk to you!

Dear Jeff,

It was so great to meet you and work with you, Jeff. It was really a pleasure. Thank you for being so generous and flexible with your time, being able to accommodate our cancellation. It means a lot to have had one less thing to worry about through all of this. We really appreciate everything.

Thank you again! Faye

1-10-2021 - As a result of covid-19 it's been a very difficult time. Last year was filled with canceled and rescheduled weddings. Photographing weddings and events while wearing a mask or being forced to stay at least six feet apart from the people being photographed. As a photographer in South Florida there is no option but to press forward and photograph the jobs that come your way. Faye, says flexible because her daughter tested positive for Covid-19 the day before her Bat Mitzvah. It's one thing to have your Bat Mitzvah guest list cut from 150 to 6. It's even more stressful to learn the day prior that you have tested positive and your Bat Mitzvah will need to be canceled and rescheduled for another day. As their photographer, I'm glad that I was able to cover their Bat Mitzvah on the rescheduled date.

Stefanie & Bryan: Hi Robin & Jeff I was just sitting down at the computer to write a great big thanks for the fabulous package we received last night. As an exhausted teacher, I usually pass out early on Friday nights; however, I stayed up to watch the entire video and relive the day through all the pictures on the computer as well. I know you and Jeff must hear it often, but the work product, work ethic, helpfulness, and genuine care for you clients really stands above all else. After many emails and phone calls with Jeff over the past year it's no wonder as a team, you both really are the best. Many of my family members have already contacted me regarding his work. I look forward to many events in the future to hopefully have a chance to work together again. The blog is awesome, and now I'll send out my blast email so everyone can see :) I'll be in touch about the albums and all that other good stuff! Thanks again, Stefanie (Sep 19, 09, 09:53am)

Thank you Stefanie and Bryan -Check out this picture of Stefanie & Bryan taking a ride! on a luggage cart at the Opal Grand hotel in Delray Beach. Working as a South Florida wedding photographer, I strive to produce images that are as creative as possible. In addition to being creative, I want everyone to have fun. Doing fun pictures like the one linked here are always a crowed pleaser. Many couples who sees this shot tells me, I want to do this picture.

Beth: If pictures say a thousand words... I wish I had a way to photograph my gratitide for Jeff and Robin. They have been so wonderful to work with. Jeff is a state-of-the art professional, easy to be around, and I never once felt annoyed by the daunting task of taking pictures the day of the wedding. In fact, he made it fun! He was efficient, inobtrusive, and his years of experience were evident throughout the entire planning process and actual event. Jeff's photography is stellar and nothing shy of pure art. One of the best decisions we made in planning our wedding was picking Jeff as our photographer. I recommend him for everyone.

The albums look amazing! So happy with them. I'm sending one to Missy, I know she will love it. Thanks and again they look great.

One of the things I love so much about South Florida wedding photography is making wedding albums from my images. Wedding albums represent a tangible item that is a reflection of a very special day. While fantastic pictures are awesome to look at, a solid album that you can touch, hold and smell is beyond just special pictures. Creating albums from wedding pictures requires skills beyond taking pictures. By using my design skills, along with my photoshop and image retouch skills, I could turn wedding pictures in a family harloom.

For more about my wedding albums, check out this article. Wedding Albums

First I cannot tell you how pleased we all were with the magnificent photographs you and your staff captured at our daughter Caitlyn’s and Alex wedding. You and your team took the most unforgettable photos! We tell everyone about you and your wonderful photography Thank you again for all you have done. Kathy Click the link to see Caitlyn's and Alex's wedding.

Kate: All these photos were completely unique and beautiful, as always. I love every inch of every pictures. The emotions of the people involved in here were perfectly reflected through these photographs. The love and excitement can be clearly seen. Plus, the captivating view stands out from within. I was pretty impressed by the effort in captioning each photo that will truly touch anyones heart. Everything is just too good to be true. Keep it up. And Im also looking forward to many brilliant photos from you. Happy Holidays.

I just wanted to let you know we just received our wedding album and we absolutely love it!!! It came out amazing and we are so happy with it!! Thank you SO much!! Sincerely, The Osborns

Jeff. My name is Kevin, I just wanted to let you know that Logan and I got married this past weekend. It was such a pleasure working with your team, everyone on your staff was fantastic! I love to take pictures myself, and I am so looking forward to seeing the wedding photos. They certainly have an eye, I wanted to let you know that. We have one question and wanted to make it known that we would like this featured in the video and album. One of the performers was a celebrity singer. His name is Edwin McCain, and he sang our first dance. He also sang during Logan walking down the aisle, as well as the father-daughter, mother-son, and some other dances as well. I just want to make sure these pictures and video are featured in my album and video as well. Thanks so much again. Bye-bye.

Beautifully done photos & video highlight. Really spectacular. Kudos to you. Pleasure to see a man who knows how to do his work and craft in the way you do yours. thanks again. Robert

Jeff , your work gives me chills every time I see a my photos. How lucky we were to have your talent with us as we look back on this most special day forever. We thank you so much!! Jessica

Josh and I absolutely love the engagement pictures! We can’t wait to use them for our save the dates for the wedding. We are looking forward to you photographing our wedding pictures! Have a great day. Ariana and Josh

Hi Jeff! Thank you the highlight video is very nice! So yes...let's move forward with it. Also, the wedding photos are beautiful..thank you so much! I want to do a few more photos with you hopefully around Feb time..I want to talk to Brian a little more. We were also wondering, can we still submit our engagement photos and any others for publishing with our story? Thank You, Leigh

Your wedding video made me cry, definitely perfect... it’s beautiful!!!!! I’ve watched it 4 times now!!! Thank you!!!!

Thank you so much! I am crying watching the memory of my wedding. All your pictures are amazing! We will call you for more pictures when we start our family!

I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for everything you did yesterday! You guys were awesome. Being flexible with the last minute changes helped everything flow seamlessly. Best, Amanda

Bravo! The wedding video was fantastic, and caught the true essence of the entire night. Thank you again and again. I also looked through the photos, and I feel the same there as well. Thank you Jeff.:)

Hello Jeff, We are still viewing photos. Never realized how many shots were taken that day. Love the video! Your whole team did an amazing job. They were so “not in our face” but just so comfortable to work with. I definitely know why everyone said you were the best! We made the right choice using you and your team. Thank you! Carol

Thanks so much for all of the photos. You captured everything so amazingly! We opted not to have a video but you sure have a photo of everything that was part of our amazing day. Your professionalism was outstanding and your great personality made everything so smooth. Wishing you continued success and Happy Holidays! Best, Frank and Lucy

We just finished watching, the video ! it's PERFECT! thank you :) :) :) Yay!!! Thank you so much!!!!! I’m absolutely loving it! So fun to relive the day :) I’ve already cried twice! Hahah. Thank you again! Michelle

Jeff, The pictures and video are great! Great workmanship great editing. First class all the way.


Cathy: Hi Jeff I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for the wonderful photos of my daughter's wedding! You and your staff worked very earnestly during the entire wedding and the photos show the time and attention spent. Additionally, thank you for getting us the the proofs and USB the day before Christmas, so we could share them with family and friends was wonderful. A great holiday gift! We appreciated your quick turnaround. If any prospective clients would like to speak to me regarding Jeff Kolodny Photography please do not hesitate to call. Thank you again for your professionalism and creativity in making my daughter's wedding day memories a joyous one. Have a Great New Year! Regards to Robin. Cathy

Kerline Docteur - Joie De Vie Weddings & Event:

Jeff- I did not expect anything less from you! This was the first time I had the pleasure of working with you and I would gladly recommend you to ANY and EVERY client I have. From the first appointment with my client, I could see the passion you have for your craft and your willingness to ensure that their every need would be met. They knew you were the one to capture their important day. As an Event Consultant my goal is to bring together the best set of vendors for my clients -- you are one of S. Florida's best kept secrets. Thank you for your professionalism and for helping to capture the details of Jessica & Asia's wedding.

Angela Moses: Wow! Great images, it's going to be a lot of work picking the album pictures. Especially when the subjects are is so pretty! It freaks me out how fast our kids are growing up! LOL

Fiona: You are truly an amazing photographer to have for our wedding. Not only were you and your other photographer professional but everyone was fun and brought the best in the pictures. I'm happy that you researched the whole hotel prior to ever meeting us.The fact that you had shot mapped out all the shots and knew exactly what shots were needed in order to produce the best product for us. Your staff worked with everyone individually and as a group and perfectly calibrated the mood of the crowd and what images would truly capture those moments. From the ceremony to the reception, I was happy to see you and Albert taking all the perfect shots but were so unobtrusive you were not even aware pictures were being taken. After all the festivities are over, the pictures and memories are the best way to relive those feelings of happiness. Your photos and body of work captured those feelings perfectly, and we are so overjoyed with the outcome. Thank you, Fiona & Aaron

Amy Palma: How Beautiful! Your photos are not only stunning but you capture the emotions and feelings of the bride and groom. I feel like I am there looking at the pictures. You're the bomb! XO Amy Palma - Jeff: Thank you Amy. You when it comes to makeup artists, you are the bomb!!!

Molly: Jeff and Robin I just wanted to let you know that I received my album today and it is absolutely gorgeous. VERY impressed. High quality and SOOOOO beautiful. It captures my day just perfectly. THANK YOU!! Molly

Tricia Taylor: Uwe and I had such an incredibly great time at the wedding. These photos really do justice to this very special and beautiful event. They are amazing! Jump around!!!

Julie Davis: We LOVE our photos from the candid shots to the beautifully coordinated ones. You are such a talented photographer, and I'm so glad you were able to capture ALL of the special moments from our wedding. Can we do it again?!

Yocasta & Jason: Jeff the wedding was out of this world and you were silently there capturing it all!! What an amazing gift you have. So many are my favorites but I love the ring shot the most! Thank you…

Amy: Jeff, You have honestly captured all of our wedding in these incredible photos. You completely delivered on our vision and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. Thank you for being such an amazing photographer and for being so easy to work with. -Amy and Jeremy

Dear Jeff

We have been looking at your photos and selecting the ones we want to include in our album. Selecting our pictures has proven to be even more difficult than we expected. The pictures are simply phenomenal; you managed to capture so many incredible emotions in them that made it possible for us to re-live in detail how we felt through our magical day. We are very glad that we had the pleasure of having you photograph our wedding, because those captured feelings will most certainly be a great treasure for all of us for the rest of our lives. We have to admit that because our first photo shoot was before the church ceremony, we were afraid it was going to add even more stress to an already stressful day, however, you made it so relaxed and enjoyable that the magic started not when we entered the church, but when we saw each other for the first time during your photo shoot. We had so many great recommendations about your work, hence us contacting you before we even had a definite date or venue, and we are very glad we did so. We look forward to using you again in the future. Your patience, professionalism, creativity, and charisma, make your work a definite must for anyone looking for the best photography.

Warm regards,

Mariela and Patrick

P.S. Thank you Robin for all your help as well, and we are in the process of choosing the photos, will let u know as soon as we are able to decide :) and look forward to meeting you when we go to pick up the prints.

Neha: Hi Jeff, These are fabulous! We LOVE them! You really did a fantastic job - I can honestly say that there isn't one picture among them that I do not like! Thank you so much! And I can't wait to have you photograph our wedding!!! ~Neha

Tom Trainor: Jeff, Your work is AMAZING!!! I really enjoyed working with you for Leyla and Hossein's wedding last weekend. I can't wait to see the photographs. If you need anything at all from me don't hesitate to ask.

Jamie Lipman: Jeff- you captured every single moment and your pictures tell the full story. Trust me I know. I spent a full morning sifting through the stacks of them! I love Alyssa and Josh!

Suzette Slippoy: Hey Jeff & Robin, It's Suzette Slippoy from New York! Hope all is well. Matt and I love the wedding album. It came out beautiful, the cover, the pictures, everything. We love what you guys did on each page. I have never seen a wedding album like this before. Thank you so much. We really appreciate everything that you guys have done. I would also like to thank Albert for taking such beautiful pictures at the wedding. It was such a pleasure working with all of you. Best regards, Suzette

Amanda: Thank you so much Jeff, your creativity and skill are superb!!! You are truly in a class all of your own and because of you we can carry with us the beautiful memories of our wedding.

Bacio Bacio Bridal: Jeff, It's hard to find the words to describe your work - stunninng! Each time I see a shoot, you show something different. Your photos show emotion, you SEE love. Not easy to do! Lenyce B

Lisa Benedict: The pictures our great!!! We love them and we loved working with Jeff....his creativity is unmatched. He really captured all of the moments perfectly from the service all the way through to the party. Nothing was missed!!!Thanks again!!!

Tracy: Your work is absolutely delightful! I Love the texture of the palms above the bride and groom in the B&W photograph. Best, Tracy

Shawndell (the bride): Jeff, I can't even express in words how thankful we are that you were our photographer at our wedding. The photos are beautiful. You were a pleasure to work with. John and I were blessed to have worked with the A-team! Yourself, Guerdy, Inessa, Tiffany, Amy and Rev. Kralik are truly top notch. Many thanks to you for capturing our excitement and our happiness. I hope you had a great vacation! Big hug - Shawndell

Amanda's SIL, Kim: Go that picture of my sil, Amanda! You deserve it Jeff-way to go! My brother and sil's wedding pictures were gorgeous, even if they did make it a little easy for you.

Amanda & Kevin: Dear Jeff & Robin, Wow! We CANNOT tell you how honored we feel, that you would have entered this photo from our wedding, into competition...and WON...!!! If you only knew how often we have sung your praises, as we shared our photos with friends and family... Thank you, so much, for fulfilling our experience by capturing the memory, in ways that we never could imagine. Our Best, Kevin & Amanda

Angela Nuran: Love these, Jeff! The framing, the way you capture your subjects and surround them with with architectural, natural or other elements that make the images so much more than photographs. I'm particularly fond of the arches with the fountain in the background. Gorgeous as always!

Sue Waldman: Jeff and Robin did an outstanding job at Neil and Linsey's wedding. We will have wonderful memories for a lifetime. Thank you for your personal touch!

John Lieberman: These photos really captured the essence of a beautiful ceremony. Wonderful job. Congratulations again to Leyla & Hossein. Best Wishes

Dear Jeff and Robin,

My husband surprised me on Valentine’s Day with our wedding album. Words cannot express my gratitude. Each picture looks as if it was painted onto the page. Jeff’s special attention to detail is well executed in each photo. The background layout complements each photo. The design of Gallery 02-opt looks like a painting. This shot is so beautiful. I love how Stephen’s boutonnière is used as the backdrop in the picture. Additionally, the flowers in the pictures look so plush and vibrant. I feel as though I could pluck a flower from one of the pages. The photos transported me back to that wonderful and joyous day, along with the DVD. We are very fortunate to have extraordinary professionals like you capture our wedding day.

WE LOVE OUR ALBUM! Robin , we LOVE our album! We were so excited to receive it in the mail today and we are very impressed with the quality. We can't wait to share it with family and friends.

Please let Jeff know how grateful we are for all the hard work and talent put into this.

Many thanks to you both!

Dawn & Albert


Dear Jeff and Robin,

I wanted to let you know that our album came in the mail and ... we LOVE it! Oh my goodness, we cannot get over how gorgeous it is. Your photos are just beautiful, the layout is perfect, and it truly captures our wedding night in the most perfect way. Thank you for this most wonderful memento. We are absolutely thrilled.

Happy, happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


Lauren & Michael

OH MY GOSH! I absolutely LOVE the pictures!!! Oh my gosh, there are so many, you’ve captured EVERY single moment, Jeff! It’s amazing. They’re beyond beautiful!!!

It’s difficult to express how “over the top “grateful (and ecstatic!) I am with the work you’ve done!



Hi Robin and Jeff,

Hope all is well with you two. I just received Megan and David's pictures!!! I want to tell you they are BEAUTIFUL!! Jeff as you may remember I was an event planner for twenty seven years. I have worked with many photographers in my time. You were so WONDERFUL to work with !! Your work is AMAZING!!!!

Take care.

xoxo Adrienne. MOB

Hi Jeff,

I hope you and your family had a nice Thanksgiving. I have to tell you I absolutely LOVE my album! It is sooo nice and will forever be so special to Ryan and I. I couldn't wait to show him and our families. It was a nice surprise to bring over for the holidays for them to see. Thank you again for capturing the most important day of our lives. We will forever cherish these memories with such a beautiful book. I cannot thank you enough. Thank you again for everything. Have a nice holiday and I will talk to you soon.


Michael Rogers: Your photographs are absolutely gorgeous. Working with you was extremely pleasant. Thank you for a job, well done!

Niki: Jeff these pictures are amazing!!! You did an awesome job and really captured the day perfectly! I am so happy with the blog and pictures I have seen and cannot wait to see them all!!! We couldn't be happier!!! Thank you!

Hi Robin & Jeff!

We just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the beautiful work you guys did on the album. We were floored looking through it and we couldn't be happier!! Thanks again!

Michelle & Craig

Hi Robin & Jeff,

I received the beautiful album! Great timing, as we just got back from a week at the Breakers yesterday!! Thank you very much for all your hard work, it is beautiful!

Dana & Scott.

Thank you so much for the nice work, Check out Dana and Scott at The Breakers. They had a fantastic wedding at one of the best luxury wedding venues in South Florida. If you have never heard of The Breakers check out some of my pictures from this wonderful South Florida wedding venue. A beautiful Breakers wedding. If you want a taste of a Breakers wedding click the link. A hot Breakers event. While the Breakers, Palm Beach holds plenty of weddings, The Breakers also hosts some of the most amazing corporate events.

Good morning Jeff and Robin,

I can’t truly express my gratitude with mere words. I received the discs last night and I’m overwhelmed with happiness. Along with my memories, I now have such beautiful and vivid images. There is no part of the night that will be forgotten.

Thank you for professionalism.

Thank you for kindness.

Thank you for your patience.

Thank God that you had an opening for my event on such short notice.



Lorena Renteria Hernandez

Lauren: Thank you for capturing our night so perfectly! Jeff, you and your team have been such a pleasure to work with and we are just thrilled with the pictures on the blog. You have us anxiously awaiting all of the rest of them! We can't wait to put our album together and put some of your gorgeous photos around our home. Thank you, thank you!!

Andrea Lopiano Lamont: Jeff Kolodny and the Kolodny Team, Thank you so much for capturing every beautiful and magical moment of Justin's and my wedding. You all are truly amazing and I couldn't have asked for a more amazing photographer and videography team! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did to help make this day the most memorable and best day of my life! Love, Andrea

Debbie : Thank you for the beautiful photos. Can't wait to see the rest. We wanted the photographer to be the best and I do believe we got him!!! It seems like such blur but these photos are making it real to me. Thank you so much for your wonderful work. MOB

Hope you’re doing well. Our beach portrait pictures came out beautiful! Such a great way to commemorate my 65th birthday!

Thanks you for being out family photographer.


Hey Jeff,

We wanted to to reach out and let you know that we are absolutely ecstatic with how the photos and video came out! You really blew us away with how you were able to capture the images with the exact feelings Samantha and I wanted from our wedding day shoot. Hope you had a very happy thanksgiving and you have a wonderful holiday season!

Best, Steven and Samantha

From Jeff - Samantha and Steven had a lovely wedding at The Club at Boca Pointe. They had a very specific look that they wanted for their wedding pictures. Here are some links to a few of there pictures on my Instagram feed. The Grooms Men. This picture was taken during the photo session with the guys. Their was a countertop with a shiny surface that I used for this double reflection. First look with grandmother. One of the most emotional parts of any South Florida wedding, or any wedding for that matter is the "First Look" At a wedding most people think of the first look as a moment between the bride and groom. However, the first look could also be between the bride and her father, and in this case, the bride and her grandmother. I also did a first look between the bride and groom. That picture is here. One of the most photographed places at The Club at Boca Pointe is the gazebo, I use this as a background for many pictures. Here is a picture of Steven and Samantha in from the the wedding gazebo. As a South Florida wedding photographer, I find myself working at The Club at Boca Pointe often. To see more from this venue, check out these links: A blog post from a Boca Pointe wedding Infrared wedding picture taken at Boca Pointe.

A recent five star review from a very happy mother of the bride.

From Jeff the photographer

The review below was posted on my Google and Wedding Wire review page. For me, getting reviews like this always makes me proud of the work I have done. Wedding photography is more than just taking pictures. It's also being professional, guiding the client through the wedding photography process so that every thing runs smoothly. This mean, creating a wedding photography timeline, and and building in enough time to photograph all the elements in such a way that everyone involved feels rushed. In this case, the family hired a wedding planner, who made certain that the flowers were delivered to the bridal suite when I started taking pictures. As their wedding photographer, I started in the brides suite, then traveled to the grooms room so that I could capture pictures of him getting ready as well. While many South Florida wedding photographers consider themselves "Photo Journalists" I don't, I certainly do photo-journalism while taking pictures, however, I also pose, arrange groups and create images that I have though up in the moment. By definition a true photo-journalist doesn't get involved in the creation of wedding pictures, they just shoot what is happening. Not me, I make pictures. One of the more challenging aspects of this wedding was working with all the people involved. The brides room was packed with bridesmaids, and other family members. Most of the bridesmaids had either been in lots of recent weddings or have been recently married. This meant that several people had their own opinion as to how I should take pictures. Based on these experienced bridesmaids viewpoint, I was doing it wrong, because their photographer did this, or that. For myself as a seasoned pro wedding photographer with over 30 + your years of experience I had to mentally turn off this background chatter, and opinions and focus on doing my job, my way. Having this attitude allowed me to build the professional relationship between me and the bride. There is always a way of handling wedding guests that is nice and professional. In some cases, it's simply a matter of listening to the feedback, processing the feedback quickly in your mind, then doing what you feel is right without being influenced. I have seen may others in the business become frustrated, or agitated when this happens. The key is to keep your mind on the task and focus on what needs to be done.

This wedding took place at one of my favorite places, PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens. During this wedding the resort was going through a multi million dollar renovation, so some parts of the hotel were not useable. Still with this going on, I was able to capture some awesome wedding pictures.

Here are some links to some of the pictures I shot at this wedding. Blog post featuring a PGA wedding Here is another shot through the golf course landscaping.

Hi Jeff,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything on Saturday! Our day was so wonderful and we are so appreciative of you. Everyone was so comfortable taking photos and we are so happy you were able to capture so many beautiful moments. I love the teasers you posted on Instagram. Thank you again for all of your work! It was such a pleasure meeting you. Thank you!

Best regards,

Caroline Flint

Jeff--our photos were great and our album is FANTASTIC! There were so many great shots. The final product came out better than what I imagined. Everyone absolutely Loves our album! Both you and Robin have been a joy to work with. We know this won't be the end of our relationship. You'll be hearing from us as our family grows! Thank you for being so easy and wonderful to work with and thanks again for our beautiful memories.

Matt: HOLLY SH-T Our Album is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! I can't believe how great it turned out. Love it love it love it. We couldn't ask for anything better. Everything you guys have done for us since our first meeting was just perfect. Thanks again and please say hello to Albert for us Matt & Suzette


All I can say is WOW.

The other day we received the package which contained the 16 x 20 formal picture & the 11 x 14 bride and groom on the bike photo. We didn’t open the package so as not to damage any of the large photos.

On Friday we went to the framers and he opened the package. We were speechless when we saw that 16 x 20 picture taken under the chuppah. You truly captured the entire essence of the wedding with this photo! The chuppah, the flowers on the chuppah, the flowers behind the chuppah and the view to outside. The 4x6 proof, the 8 x 10 and the 11 x 14 of that photo didn’t really provide the panoramic view the way that 16 x 20 did.

While at first I thinking ‘vertical’ of that photo, you were 100% correct making it a horizontal, it certainly would not have told the same story as the way you had it printed.

Thank you, Tami

BELOW: - Samantha had an awesome wedding at the Sundy House in Delray Beach. As a South Florida wedding photographer, I must admit that the Sundy House is one of my favorite wedding venues. This garden wedding venue has a unique variety of exotic plants trees, and flora. In addition to all the amazing landscapes, the Sundy House has small streams, statues and picturesque wooden bridges. Check out her lovely note below.

We had a remarkable experience with Jeff as our photographer.

We were blown away by the amount of professionalism, creativity and unique imagery that Jeff put into his pictures during our wedding. His pictures were so creative and we enjoyed having him take our photos. Everyone who has see our wedding pictures has complimented us on the quality of the pictures. Jeff started our bride and groom pictures by setting up a "First Look" between the two if us. Once we saw each other we spent the next hour roaming around the grounds taking pictures. Jeff took pictures at the pond, one the bridge, and against the bamboo gardens. Before the wedding day, Jeff worked with us to create a complete wedding day timeline which made the timing for the wedding easy to follow and reduced a ton of stress. Jeff doesn't claim to be a wedding planner, but you wouldn't know it based on his wedding planning skills. When it comes to hiring a South Florida wedding photographer I couldn't imagine hiring anyone else. Hiring Jeff to photograph our wedding was the best decision we made.

From Jeff, Working as a South Florida wedding photographer, I get to work at a wide range of wedding venues. Some of my favorite wedding locations are on the beach, others are located in luxury hotels, and there are plenty of county clubs that are perfect for weddings. This bride decided to get married at The Sundy House. If you are reading this and are looking for a garden type wedding location than this venue should be on you list of places to check out. I have spoke to many couples who have decided that they want a South Florida wedding but not on the beach. The garden setting at the Sundy house is simply beautiful. As a wedding photographer in South Florida, I can tell you this is a very unique location. One factor couples need to consider when planning their South Florida wedding is rain. As a photographer who used to live in Los Angeles it never rained at one of my weddings. Sure if the wedding took place in December, January, February, it may rain, but other times no way. The forecast for their wedding day said rain. Knowing that rain was a possibility I moved the shooting time forward to avoid the wet stuff. This worked perfectly, we had beautiful sunshine during the first look and bride and groom pictures. Once we were finished taking pictures the rain started. I have shot other weddings at the Sundy house where it did rain all day. In the cases when it rains, its my job to make the best of the situation. Check out these weddings which also took place at The Sundy house. Sundy House Weddings

linsey Waldman: Jeff and Robin, Neil and I can't thank you enough for making the weekend so perfect. Everyone truly smiled for you and you captured every moment. You are so creative! We can't wait to see the "thousands" of pictures of our crazy friends and family. Thank you a million times! Love, Neil and Linsey

Hi Jeff,

Thank you so much they are amazing! Matt is shocked he likes the way he looks in so many of them!

Thanks again! Katie

Katie told me that Matt doesn't smile for pictures and is self-conscious about having his picture taken. Before they hired me, they asked, How am I going to make them look good in pictures? My answer, I know how to pose people so that their best features are highlighted and there worst features are hidden. I realize that most of my clients are not super models, they are normal people and some are not always confident in front of the camera. Its my job to pose them in such a way that they feel they look good. Years of experience and photographing well over 1000 weddings, I know how to make people look their best. While some photographers use a hands off journalistic approach, I teach my subjects how to look good. Once they understand how to pose, shift their weight, use their hands, they feel confident and empowered in-front of the camera. At this point some easy simple direction is all that is needed for my clients to own their poses. Don't believe me? Call me and set up a short mini photo session. You will be amazed at how great you can look in your wedding and engagement pictures!

We LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures....thank you so much!!!!

You are unbelieveable, extremely creative, and your work is stunning.

Kevin and I could not have asked for a better crew at the wedding, with you in the driver's seat!!!

Looking forward to seeing the rest, and to our follow up consult (chances are we will be upgrading to the Austrailan book you had showed us).

Liz and Ben: Jeff, I have spent most of this week and last week looking at the pictures, and feeling as if I am re-living the wedding over and over again! I still only have one word, AMAZING!!!! We recently had a wedding photo party with all the family and they love the pictures too! I love your creative and romantic approach to photography, it is truly timeless. I will always recommend you to anyone looking for a photographer, because I know that you are the BEST! Thank you again for everything! Liz and Ben Lauren

Jennifer Denmon: Jeff-- These are BEAUTIFUL! More than we could have hoped for!! Working with you was an incredible experience. I knew the moment we saw your work that I wanted YOU to photograph our wedding, and these pictures just solidify what we already knew--you are SO amazingly talented and so much fun to work with!! Can't wait to see the album!! Jennifer.

The below words are just some of the testament to you and your crew. These sentiments say it all!

Wow. Was this amazing. You captured everything. I don't think there are enough kleenex

“What an absolutely artistic, beautiful, sentimental video and treasure for the family to cherish forever.”

“I had to replay parts that were too blurry due to the tears that were filling my eyes.”

Michelle and Raul

ABOVE: - I shot this "first look" wedding photo at the Eau Hotel in Palm Beach. If you are planning a wedding here in South Florida, then you should check out the Eau. This luxury hotel is located on the beach and is high end in every way. The very second you walk into the lobby, you will realize that this wedding venue is all about pampering it's guests. The plush sofas in the lobby are very inviting, Even the smells and appearance of the main lobby is relaxing. At this wedding I started taking taking pictures inside the bride room. The bride and her mother are very close, and I made sure to take pictures that convey the mother daughter relationship. When a couple is shopping for South Florida wedding photography, one consideration is, does the photographer understand the relationship between family members. Wedding photography isn't just about taking beautiful pictures. It's about producing pictures that convey the special relationship between family members. One example of this could be seen when looking at this bride and grandmother image. This is another "first look"image, just not between the bride and groom but between the bride and her grandmother. During a wedding there are often several first looks. Sometimes the first look happen through the course of the day. Part of being a skilled wedding photographer means that the photographer and the camera are always ready to capture a spur of the moment shot. Whenever, I receive a thank you note from a bride, groom, mother of the bride, or father of the bride, I'm always thrilled.

Joe: Jeff, these are beautiful; I can’t wait to see all of the completed photos. Thank you again so much for everything, you were great at the wedding, and captured the night perfectly with photos that matched our style and the mood of the wedding.

MIKE: Hi Jeff, I just wanted to say thanks as well for photographing Ivy and I and posting the pictures on your blog so soon. You made us both feel so comfortable and I can only imagine how great the rest of the photos will look. You are the best!

OMG !!!! Jeff, I Just got my album the other DAY. It looks AMAZING !!! LOVE IT !!!! HOWARD is coming back today from his work trip, I can’t wait to show it to him :)


FROM JEFF - This was a very unique South Florida wedding. A second wedding for a very creative bride and groom. They decided to plan a boxing theme wedding. The tag line for their wedding was "Round Two". They hired one of South Florida best event planners "Linzi Events" who designed decor that was beyond creative. Check out these pictures from this extremely creative wedding. The bride dressed and ready for round 2 Beautiful table decor Outside the box decor. I have photographed lots of weddings in my years, this one is the most unique.

Ivy: Jeff, thanks for posting the pictures so soon! Mike and I are still on our honeymoon in Hawaii and have been eager to see a few photos-- they look absolutely magnificant! It was a pleasure working with such a creative photographer! We can't wait to see the rest of the photos!

Mom E.: Wow!!! The photographs are breathtakingly beautiful. Of course I have always known that you two are beautiful people. The photos show the sheer joy and excitement felt by all that evening. It is fun to relive the special celebration through the eyes of a professional. Jeff's artistic eye for special details is amazing. I am anxiously awaiting the unveiling of the rest of the photos. They are going to be gorgeous!

Hello Jeff & Robin!

I hope all is well. I just wanted to take my hats off to Kolodny Photography. Words cannot describe how beautiful the final album looked for Jessica and Asia. I got a chance to visit with them on Friday afternoon and I was just speechless as I turned the pages of their book. JUST GORGEOUS! You have God Given talent Jeff, I swear!

Kerline Docteur, PBCTM

Joie de Vie Weddings & Events, Inc.

Amanda Fauss: Jeff - Thanks for putting up some of the photos from our April 27th Palm Beach wedding! We are back in Chicago now, having returned from our honeymoon in Moorea & Tahiti. These look wonderful & we can't wait to see the others! Thanks so much for everything - your work is beautiful and your professionalism unparalled! It was a great pleasure working with you, and we highly recommend you to anyone looking for the best wedding photography!!

Lauren: Looking at these photos smacks us right back into the best night! Thank you for capturing these moments. You were wonderful and we're anxiously awaiting the rest of the pictures. Thanks for being so creative with working within the hotel despite the rainy weather!

Liz and Ben: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the infrared photography that you did at our wedding!!!! AMAZING! We love you!

Mary Ann Farina: Jeff, Carolyn forwarded me your e-mail. What a treat!!! These are some of the most beautiful photos I've seen of wedding moments. You are a wonderfully talented photographer. It was difficult to choose, I do love the way you bring the background surroundings into the pictures to beautify and enhance the overall effect congratulations on your should be very proud.

Arlene and Rich: Jeff - Thank you so much for taking such amazing pictures...we were a little nervous at first, but you made us feel comfortable and we had a great time. You're the BEST!

Mike: Jeff, Of all the emails I get from photographers, yours is the one I open just for pure enjoyment! Your creative eye turns the most everyday objects into a visual feast. Wishing you and your family a Happy and Healthy New Year! Take care, Mike

Staci: Jeff, your pictures are amazing. you were the best to work with and the sample on the blog has only made us hungry for more. thanks for the incredible work. we can't wait to see the rest. Staci and Glenn

Leah and Jeremy Cohen: Jeff, we LOVE the pictures-they are exquisite!!!! You are an amazing talent and so easy to work with. You can turn basic pictures into works of art! Thank you so much- we will forever recommend you to others.

Dear Robin and Jeff,

The album and the DVD are... indescribable. I will try to put into words how we feel. Through your work you captured the essence of our day, of us as a couple and as individuals, and of our family and friends.

Our wedding day will forever be told as a story because in fact what you presented us is not an album, it is a storybook. I was so overwhelmed with the images, with the love and emotion portrayed, that we spent last night at our families' houses sharing in the photography. No dry eyes, laughter through tears, and the nostalgia to want to do it all again, that is what we experienced last night looking through and watching our 'storybooks.'

Your work, your professionalism, your sense of dedication and ease to work with is truly amazing. We are deeply touched and forever grateful for the memories you helped create and preserve for us.

Jeff, you are such a talented and creative photographer. We can't wait to see all the rest of the photos.What a pleasure you are to work with ,thank you.

Marisa Zeibert: Wow!!! These look incredible! Thank you so much, we cant wait to see them all. You were so great to work with and really helped to make our wedding everything we dreamed of.

Abby: As always Jeff, these photos are amazing. I'm sure the bride and groom were thrilled with how they came out! Great work!

Karen: I love the pictures! They are so beautiful! You really captured how special the day was!

Samantha Meister: Jeff, these pictures are absolutely incredible. You did a breath taking job! I am so excited to see the full album. Your skills are non-comparable. Thank you for capturing the most special day in my sister's life!

Amanda Gromosaik: Dear Jeff & Robin, We can't begin to tell you how flattered we are that you entered a photo from our wedding into a contest...and WON! Congratulations! So often, we have sung your praises to our friends and family, as we've shared our wedding album. Thank you, so very much, for capturing our day full of woderful memories, in such warm and dramatic fashion. Our best, Amanda & Kevin


Choosing a photographer for my wedding was one of the hardest decisions I had to make for the event. I found Jeff simply by googling "best photographer in miami area" and Google knew best! Jeff sat with me for over an hour to discuss the job and we immediately connected. I knew he was the one to document one of the biggest days of my life. Jeff is efficient, patient, talented and professional. He is an experienced photographer with an eye for art and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants the best. My wedding was definitely not an easy job because I have a huge family but Jeff handled it in a stride. I just got my pictures back and I am so happy with how they came out! Jeff is definitely the right choice!

This is Angie from Windy Mintlaw in Scotland. Stuart and I would like to thank you very much for sending Albert to photograph our wedding on the 17 of May. He has a creative drive, which we loved. He even gave us ideas on how the wedding cake is supposed to be cut, fitting of dress and veil … LOL I am so grateful for him. I hope he enjoyed being at our wedding as we enjoyed him being there.

He is truly a delight; both Stuart and I felt privileged to have our wedding photographed by Albert. Our guests are also raving about his professionalism (even some who did not even go to the wedding).

Kind Regards,


Meaghan: Jeff, We absolutely love our photos!! We could not be happier with the work you did. And working with you was amazing - so easy to have around. We only have great things to say! Thank you so much Megs and Vlad

Hi Jeff,

This is so exciting! Masa and I looked at all the pictures today and they are absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for creating these wonderful memories for us...

Thank you again, warm regards

Barbara & Masa

Hi Jeff,

I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure working with you on our special day. You were absolutely phenomenal. Besides being an incredible visionary with the photography aspect, you were so helpful with giving out directions to the limo driver, helping me get a stain out of my dress, being a stylist, and making the day less stressful. One of the first decisions I made when planning the wedding was booking you and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I could have made. Tom thoroughly enjoyed working with Scott as well. We are very much looking forward to seeing our pictures. If anyone I know is planning a wedding or a special event, I will not hesitate to volunteer your information. Thank you!

While we are waiting, you had mentioned that you can send a picture or two so that we can go get our thank you cards made. We are going on our honeymoon very soon and wanted to start mailing out the thank yous before we leave. Thanks.

Ashley and Tom

BanKasa Dream Weddings Curacao: We like to thank Jeff for the great and wonderful pictures. It was nice to work with you, and hope we see you again on Curacao. A beautiful and different island for a great wedding organized by BanKasa Dream Weddings Curacao. Thanks Jeff.

Ruchir: Jeff, It was truly a pleasure working with you on this event. The pictures came out beautiful !! It's awesome to see the day come back to life thru your work, esp when you spend soo much time planning and coordinating with the bride and groom and to see them smiling in each and every picture - make it all worth while ! You Rock ! Ruchir Wedding Planner


Alan and I viewed the BlueRay version of the video the other day. Not enough Kleenex in the house for that project!! So wonderful. I actually got to view the processional and many of the other activities that were happening that night.

Hello Robin and Jeff,

I just wanted to tell you how incredibly thrilled Edward, our families, and I are with the wedding album! I knew that the pictures were beautiful, but I never anticipated that they could possibly be even more beautiful! While it proved challenging to choose our favorite pictures from the hundreds of stunning photos you took on our wedding day, it has proven even more challenging for us to put the photo album down and attend to our daily tasks. I would honestly spend all day staring at it if I could!

However, this album is just the icing on the cake! From day one, our experience with both of you has been phenomenal! From the first inquiry emails I wrote, both of you have been extremely helpful, kind, attentive, and patient. After meeting Jeff, I knew that he was the only person I wanted to "follow me around" on my wedding day. Our incredible engagement photo shoot only confirmed that I had made the right choice in choosing the only person that I believed would be able to capture all of the beauty, emotion, and love that I wanted in my wedding photos. Jeff, you definitely did just that! These amazing wedding pictures have allowed us to relive our special day over and over again. We simply can't thank you enough for capturing the details that made our wedding day so unique and special to us and to our families. Every time I look at the album, I feel like I did on my wedding day. It makes me feel like my wedding never ended; you made our wedding last forever!

We are so grateful for our experience with both of you and for all of your hard work, creativity, and professionalism!


Tarah and Edward

Dear Jeff and Robin,

A couple of weeks ago we received our wedding album. It's absolutely beautiful! The quality of the pictures on each page is amazing. It brought back a lot of great memories of the wedding. Thank you again for all of your work and for capturing such beautiful and moments.




If you have been reading our website, you will know that Vlad is a major photography buff. A lover of the art of photography, we even transformed our guest room into an office and photo studio for the man behind Purse Blog. Designers send us bags to review and shoot, which has been an exciting adventure for us. When it came time to pick a wedding photographer, Vlad, of course, was very hands on. We would not settle for anything less than amazing when it came to the photography, and we ended up with more than we could ask for. After asking around, researching like crazy, and examining work, we ended up choosing Jeff Kolodny as our photographer.

Jeff’s work wowed us from his previous jobs and has blown us away for our own wedding. There will be hundreds of other photos he will be showing us to add to our album, but we got a first look at Jeff’s work from our wedding today. Being able to capture true feeling, emotion, and beauty in every photo, Jeff Kolodny photos amaze us. An array of photos from our wedding day can be found at Jeff Kolodny Photography. And as shown above, Jeff knew about my love of handbags and he integrated my Hermes Kelly Longue into many of our photos, which is ever-so-perfectly-fitting.

Thank you to Jeff and his wife Robin for their amazing work. Not only do we love it, but I know all of the handbag loving world will appreciate my Hermes bag being part of our wedding day! Megan and Vlad own the website Purse Blog.

Dear Jeff

I printed out a bunch of the pictures over the weekend and took them with me when I visited some friends and family. First of all, there were so many beautiful pictures it was hard for me to pick only a few to show them. I printed out almost 400 great pictures and then had to struggle to pull out 100 to put into an album so I wouldn't overwhelm everyone. Everyone who saw those pictures was AMAZED. That isn't even close to an exaggeration. I heard people swooning over the infrared shots and how I looked like a "princess" and they loved the snow effect. I heard people commenting on the beautiful colors and the very cool fish eye lens shots. Everyone was constantly giving compliments to the photographer and his great eye! They literally loved everything.

Again, thank you so much Every time I look at the pictures I am so touched and find new things I love about them. I am SO HAPPY that I picked you to photograph this huge day for us. It really was one of the best decisions I have ever made (besides agreeing to marry Elad!) I am very proud to have your photographs as a memory and I am going to sing your praises to anyone willing to listen!


- Shawn

Your team worked so hard getting just the right shot.

As a guest mentioned: you were there but unobtrusive. I can imagine how difficult it will be for us to choose the ‘best-of-the-best!

I loved how Amy checked off all the pictures we requested.

Thanks for all your suggestions and for making the day so special.

Tami L

(954) 560-1533 - South Florida Wedding & Event Photographer