Best Wedding Photographer in Miami
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Best Wedding Photographer in Miami

This Sepia toned wedding photographer was shot in infrered by a Miami wedding photographer.

As a Miami wedding photographer, I have found that in order to be the best you really have to experiment and try to produce images that have not been seen before. Sometimes this means that not everyone will enjoy a certain photo. Every bride and groom has a different opinion of what the best means.

This photo was shot indoors in a sparse hotel meeting room. The room didn't have very much to offer in the way for glitz or glamour. There was some directional window light and a poster on the wall with a picture of a ballerina, which you see in the photo. However, sometimes being the best photographer means that you have to make a beautiful image with not much to work with.

Whenever I look for a place to photograph, the first thing I look for is lighting. The direction of the lighting is key to making a good photo. I use a technique called short lighting, which mean the light is hitting the short side of the face. Put another way, the person being photographed is generally facing the light.

Because I'm always looking to create unique visually stimulating images I embrace several different photography types. For this photo I used a special camera modified for infrared.

Infrared photography is unique because it sees light and heat as well as the visual spectrum. This means that the images shot in infrared have a look that is visually different than your typical black and white or sepia photo. I believe that if you really want to be the best wedding photographer in Miami or any other city for that matter it's important to always be on the look out for a way to create unique images.

While infrared images are very cool and unique I also believe that it's necessary to shoot traditional images as well. When a bride and groom hire me I always explain that I shoot a variety of images ranging from color to black and white to sepia. I shoot nice casual portraits for the posed pictures and family photos, then I shift gears and shoot photo-journalism for some ceremony and reception photos. This way my couples get to decide on a range of images when creating their wedding album.

Being the best photographer doesn't just mean creating the best images. It also applies to providing top notch client service. This means, prompt return phone calls and e-mail responses. It means, working with the bride and groom to make a wedding day timeline that not only provides enough time to get the photos without rushing, but also lets the couple enjoy their wedding day. Once the wedding is over and all the guests have gone home the bride and groom should be informed as to when the photographer will have the pictures finished. We actually address this in our photo agreement which clearly explains what the couple should expect after the wedding.

If you are recently engaged and planning a wedding or elopement I would love to speak with you. In addition to Miami, I photograph wedding all over South Florida. If you are getting married in Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Jupiter, Coral Gables, Delray Beach or even the Keys I would love to chat. My number is (561) 737-5561

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