Boca Point Country Club Wedding
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Boca Point Country Club Wedding

Creative Bride and Groom picture taken at The Club at Boca Pointe.

This is one of my favorite wedding photos from Boca Point Country Club. Otherwise known The Club at Boca Point. Having shot many weddings at Boca Point Country Club I'm always looking to create images that are unique and creative. For this shot I had the bride and groom sit on the ledge of the lake. I placed my self across the lake and shot this with a long telephoto lens. Even though this location really does exist at Boca Point Country I had to piece together several different elements in order to make this photo. First the distance between the bride and groom and bottom of the lake is much greater than it appears in the photo. In order to reduce the spread between the bride and groom and lake water line I had to remove a piece of the wooden wall. Second the bride and groom were actually much smaller than in this photo. Enlarging them meant cutting the bride and groom out and blowing them up. Since I was so far from the bride and groom when I took this shot I have to rehearse the poses with the bride and groom before I ran around the lake.

As a South Florida based wedding photographer I often photograph at many different country clubs. Country club photography is always a treat because most country clubs have a ton of different backgrounds. Often the bride and groom and my crew will be given several golf carts so that we can explore the grounds and find unique shooting locations. One danger of shooting at Country clubs on golf courses is getting hit by golf balls. As beautiful as these locations are you have to be careful not to get hit.

Location: The Club at Boca Point 7144 Boca Pointe Dr, Boca Raton, FL 33433.

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