Ocean Reef Club Infrared wedding picture
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Ocean Reef Club Infrared wedding picture

Unique Ocean Reef Club wedding photo captured using a infrared camera.

If you are getting married and searching for a photographer who knows every inch of the grounds and also created imagery that is wonderful and unique, you came to the right place. Hi, I'm Jeff Kolodny and I have been a professional photographer for over 20 years. I'm not simply a photographer with a creative eye. I'm a photographer with years of intense experience and top notch education as well. I started taking pictures at the early age of 13 and continued doing photography every since. My father was a serious amateur photographer who did photography every chance he got. We had a home black and white darkroom, so not only was I shooting, I was also printing my own work. There is no better way to learn the fine points of photography than shooting, and processing your images in your own darkroom. I entered college as a communications and photography student and graduated with my BA in fine arts. After finished college I moved to Los Angeles where I continued to learn from the most famous photographers in the world. To learn more about my extensive photography education and career check out my Linkedin Profile.

As a creative photographer in South Florida, I'm always looking for new ways to create new interesting and unique images. In doing so, I look to what is known at alternative photography methods. By alternative methods I mean unique ways of producing images. For example, true sepia printing is a method in which the silver part of a photograph is washed away using beach, then the silver is replaced with copper. Most photographers don't do true sepia any more, instead the just color black and white prints brown and call it sepia. Using a pinhole camera is an alternative way of taking photographs, I have a pinhole camera, and it's really cool. For this Ocean Reef Club wedding photo I used an alternative process known as infrared. In infrared photography the camera records both the visual aspect of an image along with the heat signature of an image. It does this in a unique interesting way. I have was introduced to infrared by the famous LA photographer, Joe Buissink Joe has been shooting infrared for years and when I learned the art of infrared from Joe, I was all over it. Joe worked with a custom printer named Robert Cavalli As I'm sure you could imagine there were / are hundreds of custom black and white printers in Los Angeles. However, Robert is the best of the best. I learned infrared by shooting, having Robert process the film and then I would sit with Robert and analyze every frame. We look at the entire make make up of each image, taking into account, grain pattern, image density, differences in exposure. I really learned the fine parts of infrared. When I moved to South Florida, I quickly learned that it was almost impossible to send exposed infrared film to Los Angeles thorough the mail, Fedex or any other carrier. The process of shipping a piece of infrared film to LA exposed the film and destroyed the images. However, I learned that digital camera's are infrared sensitive. The problem is infrared in a camera will ruin the image. As a way to getting normal images from a digital camera camera makers built in a infrared blocking filter in the camera image sensor. By removing the blocking filter, and replacing it with a filter that allows the infrared light to hit the sensor, a infrared camera is created. It's more complex than just taking a picture with a special camera, but the results are really pretty. I would never too many infrared photos but shooting a few here and there can really spice up wedding pictures. Most of my clients love infrared. I have a few that don't see the value of infrared, and for those I don't shoot any. Here are some links to more of my wedding infrared images. Infrared photo taken at Broken Sound Country Club. This infrared photo was taken at Broken Sound Country Club, which is a awesome venue in Boca Raton, Florida. Here is another infrared photo taken at an elopement in the Caribbean. Caribbean elopement picture. This one was taken at The Club at Boca Pointe, in Boca Raton. Bride and Groom at The Club at Boca Pointe. This is one of my favorite pictures taken at a Ocean Reef Club wedding. Ocean Reef infrared wedding photo. I shot this infrared photo just around the corner of the main lobby. The fact that the Ocean Reef club is so many unique places to photography make it an amazing place to shoot infrared and experiment with other creative options. If you look through my gallery of images you will find a bunch of cool infrared photographs.

On my website you will find several blog posts from my past Ocean Reef Club wedding's. Here are links to some of my favorite posts. Taylor and Robert's Ocean Reef Club wedding. Taylor and Robert had very cool wedding. This wedding has the makings of everything any couple could wish for. The flowers were beautiful. Taylor looks amazing, the wedding ceremony at The Point was picturesque, and the reception was wild.

Did you know that we also offer wedding videography? In addition to taking Taylor and Robert's wedding pictures you can check out her Ocean Reef Club wedding video here: Taylor and Roberts wedding video:

Here is a post that features a wide range of Ocean Reef Club wedding pictures. This one includes some of the very first pictures I have taken at the club.

Liz and Eamon's wedding. Liz and Eamon has a wedding at the Ocean Reef Club that was truly memorable. They ceremony took place inside the chapel on the Reef which is the venues religious chapel.

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