Ocean Reef Club Wedding
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Ocean Reef Club Wedding

I shot this creative Ocean Reef Club Wedding picture was taken just just before the bride and groom's first look.

As a wedding photographer who is always looking for that unique creative photo I naturally view the world as if I'm looking through a camera. I can't help visualizing the world by imagining I'm looking through a camera lens. In my mind I'm always thinking, what lens would provide me with the best bokeh effect, or which angle would work best for a certain shot. In the case of this image my thought was, How could I use this lattice work at a frame and at the same time create interest. It took some playing around with different focal lengths and some test F-stop trials but after a few lens tests I was able to choose the settings that would give me the results I wanted. I had less creative control over the color scheme and I probably would have taken the same shot no matter what the color scheme, it just happened that the Ocean Reef Club has painted this area a shade of beautiful pastel blue. Normally I shoot my images straight up and down, but the angle of the lattice work led me to go with a dutch angle.

This is one of the oldest images in my gallery. Before I arrived at the Ocean Reef Club to photograph this wedding I had never heard of the place. I also arrived late the night before the wedding day, so the only part of this Key Largo venue I got to see what my hotel room bed. The next morning I get up at the crack of dawn and started exploring. My wedding photography start time for this job was early, I don't actually remember what time specifically but I do remember spending lot's of time exploring and seeking out beautiful places to take wedding pictures. I must admit that I was disappointed when my photography start time came and I had no bride to photograph. Then more time passed and still no bride. Finally she arrived and the hair and make-up process started. As time slipped away I kept a running list in my mind of all the places where I wanted to take pictures. I have to say, it's tough when you are the photographer and you arrive ready willing and able to take beautiful pictures and there is no one to photograph. I can remember two specific times when this happened, and as an artist is stinks. My first wedding at The Breakers in Palm Beach. Man, I was so excited to work at The Breakers! I arrived so early, walked around the venue for at least two hours picking out the best places to take the most amazing wedding pictures. I was so excited and thrilled to finally have a Breakers wedding to photograph. Then my start time of 3:00Pm turned into 4:00PM with no bride, then at 5:00PM still no bride, with the ceremony set for 6:00PM I just shook my head thinking WTF. Finally at 5:30PM I had a bride to photograph, just in time for the ceremony to start. After the ceremony it was pitch black out and the bride and groom just wanted to party. I think the best shot I got al night was of the wedding cake. I milked that one wedding cake shot for all I could. Then about a year later, I had a wedding on Fisher Island, WOW Fisher Island! How cool is this I thought as I drive my car into the car ferry which transported people to this very exclusive part of Miami. I was stoked. When I arrived the make up artist as just starting with the bride's make-up. Then an hours passed, and another hour. I tried to keep my cool, (I'm good at keeping my cool and sucking it up.) But inside, again WTF. By the time the bride was finished with make-up I was out of time and it was dark out. Oh she looking stunning. really stunning, and I had to rush through the photos before the ceremony started. After the ceremony it was party time, yes I get great party shots and the client was thrilled, so was the Breakers bride. I was the only one who felt the pain of not being able to get the amazing photos I was hoping for. At this wedding, I decided I was going to so my best to drag the bride out to some of the places I have envisioned shooting. I didn't get to half of the photo spots I planned but I got this shot at a few more. I know I went on a rant about brides being late. Sometimes it because of the make-up artist or the hair person or the event planner. Just remember I'll always keep my cool and I work great under pressure, I will never let on that I'm disappointed because I'm sitting around and not shooting. However, I want to produce awesome images, just as much as I hope the couple who hired me out like them also.

More about this wedding photo and the Ocean Reef Club.

Since I took this picture I have been back to the Ocean Reef Club many many times, I have also been to the Breakers and Fisher Island as well. It's always a treat when I get to work at the Ocean Reef Club. The resort is huge and there are so many great places to photos. Most ceremonies take place at The Point which is the most popular place to get married at the resort. In addition their is a chapel on the resort property as well, I have shot ceremonies at both places. The pool at the venue provides a very picturesque scene as well. Here is a link to some additional pictures I shot at the pool.

Ocean Reef Club wedding pictures

If you are planning a wedding in the Florida Keys this is a place you should consider for your wedding. I just love working here. Below is another link to a blog post from a complete Ocean Reef wedding. Check this one out! A beautiful Ocean Reef Club wedding.

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