South Florida Bridesmaids
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South Florida Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids running on a South Florida Beach

This photo of South Florida bridesmaids running on the beach is one of my older wedding photos. I must admit I had so much fun taking this photo. Can you tell the bridesmaids also had a blast being in this photo. Everyone in a while I come across a really wild wedding party. The Bridesmaids in this photo all traveled to South Florida for this wedding. They were so into the photography taking process that they were up for anything, Including running on the beach.

The wedding venue for this affair was the Bath and Tennis Club of Palm Beach. I have never worked there again since this wedding. I'm get the impression that this is either a very private club that does not do many weddings or something else. I was going to provide the link to the venue's website, However, when I went to the website there was only a member login window. I did find a page that says the club is or was the finest private clubs in Palm Beach. Anyway, I didn't link to the site because I'm not sure how long their site will remain up. Something funky is going on here, or so it seems.

Keep in mind that I shot this photo about 7 years ago. It was one of those South Florida days when we had rain in the morning which left the sand compact. As a South Florida wedding photographer, I'm very familiar with the different textures of beach sand and the effect the weather has on it's consistency. I know this must sound strange, but remember, I'm often photographing weddings in which the bridal couple does not live here.

South Florida is a huge destination wedding location and when couples want to be on the beach they really mean they want to be on the beach. Because of this I often find myself on the beach after the rain, during the rain, in the wind, in the heat and at night. So I can tell you that beach sand that has been wet for several hours becomes more solid. It's easy for girls to run on this sand because their feet don't sink in. When these bridesmaids hit the beach and realized that they could run and play around on the beach, they were thrilled to do so.

If you are a photographer and wonder what my camera settings here they are. 1/250th at F6.3 ISO 1600. the camera used was the Nikon D3.

Location: 1170 S Ocean Blvd, Palm Beach, FL 33480.

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