Woodfield Country Club Wedding
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Woodfield Country Club Wedding

Wedding ceremony set-up before a Woodfield Country Club Wedding.

There are lot's of very beautiful wedding venues in the Boca Raton area, I know I have worked at all of them. Some of these locations are located directly on the beach, others are more in-land in fancy hotels. Many of my favorite wedding venues are located in resorts and Golf Clubs. When people think of South Florida for a wedding they usually think of toes - in - the - sand or at least an ocean view ceremony or reception. However, not everyone one wishes for a beach or ocean side ceremony. Some couples prefer not to get sand on their feet or deal with windblown hair. Some brides and grooms would rather tie the knot in a lush garden or a beautiful indoor ceremony site. This ceremony site is at one of my favorite Boca Raton wedding venues. It's actually inside a home community golf club called Woodfield Country Club. Located away form the beach, this South Florida location features rolling hills, beautiful landscaping, small streams, picturesque fountains and of course a great ballroom with a balcony which is where this shot was taken.

About Woodfield Country Club Weddings.

For a wedding photographer, It's easy to get excited when photographing a wedding at Woodfield Country Club. This is a photographers dream location. First, easy parking, once you enter the beautiful driveway your are greeted with lined palm trees and perfectly manicured greenery. As you drive toward the clubhouse there is plenty of places to park. However, even though parking is easy, the venue doesn't look like a large parking facility, the lovely landscaping hides the parking. As a wedding photographer, this is helpful because I can park my car, leave some of the less important equipment in the car and simply walk inside the clubhouse as I prepare for the wedding photography. Once in the lobby you are greeted with a beautiful marble entrance way which is very modern looking. In the center of the lobby is a grand staircase which is great for taking family pictures. Whenever I arrive the bride and groom are almost always in separate rooms. The bride is in the bridal room which is very large and perfect to the bride and her girls to get ready. I also like the fact that the bridal room always looks good and has great lighting. The groom and his guys are usually in a room that is also very nice and large and very close to the bridal room. This is perfect because I can go from the brides room to the grooms room in a few seconds. Most of the time I'm working with a second photographer and people figure one of us can be with the girls with the other photographer can be with this guys. Normally this is the case, however if possible I like to take pictures of both the girls getting ready and some of the guys getting ready, the set up at Woodfield make this easy. Once the bride is in her gown and the groom is dressed and ready I usually set up what is referred to as a "First Look" this is when the bride and groom gets to see the bride in her gown for the first time. It's always an emotional experience and makes for some great emotional photo opportunities. After the bride and groom have shared a moment together we will head out for pictures. The fact that the clubhouse is laid out some perfectly makes the entire process easy and relaxing for everyone. There are times when I'm shooting in a big venue where it takes 15 minutes just to go from the brides room to the grooms room, Shooting at Woodfield makes this part easy for everyone.

Pictures from Woodfield Country Club Weddings

This ceremony set - up picture was taken before Lauren and Jon's wedding, click the link to see more from their beautiful Boca Raton wedding. Once you see their wedding pictures I think you will agree that they had a beautiful dream wedding. While you are looking at their wedding scroll to the bottom and check out their pictures from Central Park. They actually flew me from South Florida to NYC to take their engagement pictures!

Also, check out this cool wedding photo, The groom at this wedding was a fantastic guitar player. He played with the band at the reception. During the bride and groom pictures he broke out this guitar for some posed musical pictures. Groom Serenades his bride at Woodfield Country Club.

Here is another really cool wedding ceremony set-up shot. I shot this one through the orange trees located just South for the ceremony site. Sometimes I see something cool and imagine a great shot, or think about what could be a cool shot. Then I go to work making the photo happen. I say making because this photos was more that just snapping the shutter. I had to figure out the right lens, and the correct F-stop first. Then I played around moving into different positions, first closer to the tree and zoomed out, then I trie further away but zoomed in. Finally I got the right combo to make this photo. Orange tree wedding at Woodfield Country Club. If you would like to see more pictures from Woodfield Country Club call me at (561) 737-5561. I have plenty of wedding pictures to show from this great wedding venue.

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