Unique Wedding Ring photo taken in Miami.
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Unique Wedding Ring photo taken in Miami.

Rings sitting on a bridal gown's buttons. Shot at a Miami Wedding

Many of the Best Miami Wedding Photographers get labeled the best because they deliver images that are attention getting and unique. When engaged couples are looking for their photographer they often start with a website search. Then they look through the image gallery and search for the most creative wedding photos. Working as a South Florida wedding photographer the competition is tough and there are a huge amount of wedding photographers. This means that creative images are everyplace. Becoming a creative photographer means that your photographer has to see the world with a unique perspective. As a South Florida wedding photographer I can't help but to life as if I'm always looking through a lens.

This wedding ring photo. I love photographing wedding rings, mostly because it requires patients and skill as well as an understanding of product photography. This shot was simple, I placed the rings on the brides gown and used soft window light to light the scene. A little bit of fill flash helped put some light on the rings. Wedding ring photography is always fun. Here is a link to some other wedding ring photos I enjoyed shooting. Wedding Ring photo shot at a Miami Wedding

Bride's engagement ring.

Rings on fire!

Living you life through a camera Lens. What does it mean to live your life through a lens mean. It means always noticing how the lighting affects what you view. Looking at a person out doors, I can't help but notice how the sun hits a persons face. If the sun hits a face at an angle, I think, not good face lighting in this situation. If this person turned to the left or right the sun would become a hair light and thy would look so much better. When indoors I can't help but look at the walls, and think to myself, Low ceiling, great for bounce flash! White wall, what a big light source, this is perfect for a portrait. I can't help it. After years and years shooting Miami Weddings and working among the best Miami wedding photographers I have developed this mindset.

Being the best is more than just taking nice images. While creating nice wedding images is what most people think of when searching for the best Miami wedding photographers, image quality and creativity is not the only factor to consider when trying to determine who is the best. Being the best also means, being reliable, delivering a nice finished product on time. What about answering the phone and replying to messages. In addition delivering quality products in also a factor. For example, we include the best wedding albums available with our photo packages. Our wedding albums last year after year, and it doesn't matter how many time that pages are turned and the album is opened and closed. Can I include cheaper albums? Sure I can, however what business owner wants to deal with having to replace an album every time the client opens and closes the album.

Is your wedding photographer ready for anything? Everything breaks, Including cameras, flashes, tripods and so on. Being the best, means having back up gear. Back up gear should not be an old camera that only gets used when the main camera breaks. I photographer shot shoot with 2 current cameras. This was when one breaks the other is a camera which is still in use and is ready to work. The same goes for flash gear and all other gear. What about your photographer car? Cars break as well. While an accident or a car breaking may not be your wedding photographers fault. You photographer should make sure to arrive early and leave for the job with some extra time on hand. This way if the car breaks on the way to the job your photographer can still make some calls and possibly get a taxi, or Uber to the wedding. They may be late arriving, but at least they built in some extra emergency time. Once I had a wedding in Miami, on my way a petal piece of a truck broke off and landed in front of my car. There was no way I could have gotten around this. $12,000 dollars damage to my car. I was stuck on the side of the road. Because I left extra early, I had time to call AAA who picked up my car off HWY 95. At the same time, the wedding planners assistant arrived and drove me to the wedding. I was only 15 minutes late, and the bride never noticed. It wasn't until after the wedding, when the planner told the bride, she had to drive me home that the client ever knew I had an accident.

Finally, dealing with difficult wedding guests. Wedding photographers have a name for those wedding guests that have some photography background, but not enough to photograph professionally. Yet they show up with there cameras and start shooting as if they are competing with the hired photographer. Pros refer the this person as uncle Joe with his camera. Shooting a wedding requires the photographer to keep a metal or written record of all required photos and making sure nothing is missed. Having Uncle Joe over your shoulder can test any wedding photographer nerves. However the best Miami wedding photographers can deal with Uncle Joes in a way that doesn't create conflict and still allows the photographer to get the job done.

So you see there are may different interpretations of what makes to best photographer. It's not just about beautiful images.

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