A make-up artist gets married in South Florida.
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A make-up artist gets married in South Florida.

Wedding ring on make-up brush. This photo was taken during a make-up artists wedding. The wedding took place at the Eau Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida. The Eau Hotel is a very popular South Florida Wedding Venue. Getting the wedding rings to sit on top of the make-up brush took some effort and several tries. Since the bride is a make-up artist I figured this would be a really cool idea. During wedding photography coverage I try to create images that are unique and different. Anyone can place a wedding ring on a flower and take a photo. It's the ability to come up with something more unique that is a real challenge.

I shot this photo of a wedding ring using a Canon Macro lens. The photo was crossed processed in photoshop. Notice how the shadows of this wedding ring photo are slight blue and the highlights have a slight yellow tint. Wedding ring photography is one of my favorite parts of wedding photography.

As a wedding photographer, you have to be skilled in many different areas. A wedding photographer is expected to be an expert at covering the getting ready part of a wedding. This means that your photographer needs to be skilled and experienced at taking the bridal gown out of the wrapper and creating some nice photos of the dress hanging in a special location. In addition the photographer must be experienced and highly skilled at bridal portraits and family portraits. Once the wedding reception starts your wedding photographer will need to photograph all the different wedding reception events.

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