Eau Palm Beach Wedding
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Eau Palm Beach Wedding

A Eau Palm Beach Wedding photo of a bride in a artsy mirror.

This Eau Palm Beach wedding photo was taken as a reflection in a wall mirror along the side of Angle restaurant. I always love working at the Eau Palm Beach because it's the venue with the most modern artistic embellishments. This creative wall mirror is just one example of the creative opportunities the hotel provides. The very second you walk into the main entrance of the hotel it becomes apparent that you walked into a high end luxury wedding venue. From every angle and in every room there is a beautiful background in which a bride and groom can be photographed against. Once you walk out the back door you are greeted with a very inviting back patio followed by an ocean view.

As a South Florida wedding photographer I always look forward to working in this amazing hotel. Over the years I have shot many weddings at this incredible venue. Even though this hotel in one of Palm Beaches most beautiful places, I always make sure to get unique images every time I'm there. As I'm sure you could imagine, there are many many talented wedding photographers here in Palm Beach. As a way of standing out from the crowd, I always arrive early and look for interesting outside the box photographic opportunities. This means looking at the walls and details from all angles and heights. I also look for reflective surfaces that I can use to create double images with. I also look for things to shoot through. Shooting through images creates a frame around the main subject being photographed as well as guides the viewers eyes to the subject, usually a bride or groom or both.

If you are recently engaged and looking for a elegant luxury Palm Beach venue, the Eau Palm Beach is a great choice. The terrific relaxed vibe fills your vision and senses the second you walk into the lobby. In addition the cuisine created by the Eau's hotel chef is a tasty delight for any foodie. In addition to the venue being lavishly inviting the staff is gracious and readily available to meet any visitors needs.

Behind the hotel you are greeted with a blue picturesque ocean. Creating a Eau Palm Beach wedding photo is almost as simple as pointing your camera and snapping away. If you are planning your wedding at the Eau it's very important to make sure to leave plenty of time for your photographer, (Hopefully me) to take plenty of pictures. I love exploring the grounds searching for creative places to make bride and groom pictures. As the sun sets in the evening the entire lighting scheme of the Eau Palm Beach changes. The light and airy hotel lobby becomes more romantic with a gold tones created by the hotel's chandeliers and the golden sun behind the hotel turns from a warm toned sun bathed beach to a soft lit evening glow which is perfect for taking beautiful wedding portraits.

One of my favorite pictures from a wedding I shot here is this one. Grandmother's Expression

If you would like to see more photos from the Eau Palm Beach, feel free to call me at 561 737-5561. I have a huge portfolio of images from this luxury venue.

Location: 100 S Ocean Blvd, Manalapan, FL 33462.

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