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Broward County wedding Photographer

What does it take to be a creative Broward County wedding photographer?

Working as a Broward County wedding photographer required being extremely creative, having a great eye, and having the technical skills needed to produce images that reflect the photographer's vision. Simply being creative is not enough it the photographer can't produce the images that are imagined in the photographer mind. In order to achieve this level of imagery, the photographer needs to have command of F-Stop settings, Shutter speeds, ISO settings, and a complete understanding of lighting. Understanding these single elements of wedding photography in themselves isn't enough. Creating beautiful creative imagery also requires an understanding of how all these skill sets work together. For example, F-stop and shutter speeds are related in a very special way. For example, a setting of F11 at 125th of a second, is the same exposure as F8 at 250th of a second. It's also the same as F5.6 at 500th of a second. If all these settings are the same, why would a photographer choose one over the other? Many Broward county photographers know enough photography to make images darker, or lighter, however to have a complete command of photographic imagery required a very deep understanding of these settings.

The picture in this post was taken at the Marriott Harbor Beach, This Broward County hotel gets called all different names, People refer to this venue as the Harbor Beach Marriott, The Fort Lauderdale Harbor Beach Marriott. Actually the true name of this hotel is Fort Lauderdale Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa. This happens to be one of my favorite South Florida wedding venues. As a Broward County wedding photographer I find myself working at this luxury hotel often. In this article I will share links to a wide range of other wedding pictures which I have taken at this awesome, on the beach Fort Lauderdale wedding venue. The mirror shown in this image is no longer, hanging in this hotel. However, that doesn't mean that there are not other fantastic places to take creative images at the Marriott Harbor Beach. Over the psst few months the hotel has been somewhat renovated. Here are some links to other weddings I have shot at this hotel. This blog article shows one of my favorite weddings from the Harbor Beach Marriott. Check it out here: Sarah and Andrew's wedding. This Jewish wedding featured everything. A beautiful ceremony, Plenty of very creative wedding pictures, amazing ballroom reception decor, and plenty of little fun details. This link includes imagery form all over the Marriott Harbor Beach. Harbor Beach Marriott Wedding Photography. Here I included images taken on the hotels Ocean terrace, On the Beach, Inside the lobby, and around the pool. I also included pictures showing the empty Ocean Ballroom. I think you will find that this post will give you a great idea in regards to what this wonderful beach hotel offers. In addition the previous links my website is loaded with images form this hotel. Keep reading, because more great pictures are on the way.

The Marriott Harbor beach isn't just great for large weddings. Over the years working as a South Florida wedding photographer, I have shot more than a fair share of Elopements at the Marriott Harbor Beach. While the grounds around the hotel are expansive, there are also parts of the hotel that are cozy and romantic. Check out this picture from a recent elopement. Bride and groom elope at the Harbor Beach Marriott. When people think about elopement photography, they imagine only two people who have decided to marry on the beach in a spur of the moment rush of romance. However, not all elopements in South Florida are only two people. Often an elopement is more like a small wedding. Only close friends, and maybe some family members. Check out my article on South Florida elopements here: Elopement photography in South Florida. If you are interested in eloping, read this article.

If your plans include marrying in Broward County and you are looking for a creative wedding Photographer I would love to chat. Of course, I'm very creative and I'm always looking for ways to produce images that are unique and fun. I'm also dependable and very reliable. Furthermore, I know the wedding business forward and backward. If you need a Wedding Timeline, I can do that. I'm also an expert at helping you put together a wedding photography Shot List I can do that. Maybe you are looking for a wedding planner? I have worked with almost every wedding planner in town. As a matter of fact, if you are planning a South Florida elopement or planning a much larger affair I can introduce you to the perfect wedding planner for your specific wedding.

When couples are looking for a Broward County wedding photographer they are considering a a wide range of factors. Skill is one factor, reputation is another factor. How can you check your potential photographers reputation? Read their reviews. You can read mine here: My Wedding Wire Reviews. You can also read my knot reviews here: More Jeff Kolodny reviews. For me, it's not just a matter of taking great creative wedding pictures. It's also about running my business correctly and in a way that takes care of my customers and bridal couples. This means, finishing edited weddings in a timely manor based on your photo agreement. Offering retouching and providing retouch when needed. It also means helping with Wedding Album Design. Before the wedding I will work with a bride and groom or their family to make sure they have a workable wedding timeline that allows enough time for all the family pictures to be taken. My timeline also allows enough time for the bride and groom to get the best possible couple pictures.

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