Walking through the Flowers
Jeff Kolodny Photography

Walking through the Flowers

Bride and Groom Walking through the Flowers to Delray Beach

SPECIAL NOTE!!! The Delray Beach Marriott is now the Opal Grand Resort!

Currently this Delray Beach wedding venue is being completely renovated. Every part of this hotel is being re-designed. From what I have been told this hotel will reemerge as a new luxury wedding venue and hotel. The venue is currently accepting wedding clients for it's opening. If you are recently engaged and planning a South Florida wedding then a visit to the new Opal Grand Resort should be on your list of venues to visit. The Marriott staff has always been top notch and you should be happy to know that most of the same great people will also be running this new venue.

This South Florida Wedding photo was taken during the last few minutes of evening light left. After the wedding ceremony at the Delray Beach Marriott we decide to run across Ocean Blvd and take a few beach photos. The very second we got outdoors my camera lens fogged and we had to wait a few minutes for it to fog. The very second my lens cleared we started shooting. First some simple posed photos followed by taking more exciting Florida Beach Photos.

When taking wedding photos that show movement often the bride and groom will have to take to same photo several times in a row. With the sun sinking into the horizon I know that I had to get this shot fast! I posed the bride and groom for a walking shot hoping that the wind would do it's job of blowing the brides veil behind her. After trying to get the effect I wanted it became apparent that the veil would not flow behind them. Then the bride decided to flap her arm up and down as she walked with the groom down the path. It was actually very funny. She looked like a bird flapping her arm trying to fly.

Looking through the camera it became apparent that her arm with the veil looked natural when her arm was down and really silly when her arm was up, so I just shot the down position. Being silly during the photography also kept their minds off the the fact that they were sort of posing for the camera. This helped them give the camera fun natural looking smiles.

If you are recently engaged and looking for a South Florida wedding venue, I would suggest that you visit the Delray Beach Marriott. The Delray Beach Marriott is not only a beautiful beach hotel that can accommodate a large wedding is is also located across from one of South Florida's most beautiful beaches. What makes to beach at the Delray Beach Marriott so picturesque is the fact that the path walking up to the beach is covered by interesting landscape with sea grass, and wild flowers. Having greenery at the beach helps to create a much more interesting environment to photography. In South Florida there are many beach hotels. The problem is that the back of the hotel sits on a open sand beach. This is great for people attending the wedding and vacationing on at the hotel. However, it does nothing to add interest to wedding photographs.

Aside from being located on a beautiful beach, the Delray Beach Marriott is also located in one of South Florida almost awesome beach communities Downtown Delray Beach is loaded with awesome dining options ranging from the most elegant to the most laid back of restaurants. If you are looking for the best seafood or steak you can find it in Delray Beach, if you want a delicious burger, Delray Beach is the place to be.

Aside from awesome restaurants, Delray Beach also have a ton of small shops and art galleries. The walk from one end of Downtown Delray Beach to the other is long it is also loaded with stores and shops. To make your Delray Beach adventure easier there is a free tram that can wisk your wedding party and guest anyplace along Atlantic Ave.

If you have any questions or would like to see more photos from the Delray Beach Marriott please feel free to call us at (561) 737-5561. Over the years I have photographed many weddings at the Delray Beach Marriott. If you are still searching for a South Florida Wedding venue I can also help you with your search. Based in Boca Raton, I photograph wedding and events all over South Florida. If you are looking in Miami, Coral Gables, The Keys, Miami Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale or even Palm beach I have worked in all these South Florida Towns.

Even though I don't consider myself a wedding or event planner I have a huge amount of experience when I comes to certain aspects of wedding planning. I believe I could be a very valuable resource when it comes to helping brides and grooms plan the perfect South Florida Wedding.

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