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At a wedding we take a wide range of images including posed portraits, photojournalism, decor and detail photos, and many other types of unique images. In addition to my galleries this website also contains a blog which is loaded with helpful wedding and wedding planning information. The wedding photos below were taken at weddings in Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. If you are planning a wedding in areas such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, The Florida Keys, Coral Gables, Miami Beach or any other South Florida location we would be happy to help you with your wedding planning. Call us at (954) 560-1533

Wedding at PGA NationalWedding picture captured at PGA resort in Palm Beach Gardens.

There are many great reasons why I should be your wedding photographer. First, I have been formally trained in the art of wedding photography by the worlds best wedding photographers. After receiving my BA in Communications and photography I moved to Los Angeles where I worked with the most successful and talented wedding photographers in the world. Second, In addition to being a talented photographer, I'm also exceptional at the art of photo retouch and image creation. It's a known fact that at a wedding people sweat, clothes may not fit perfectly, wedding venues are required to have distracting exit signs and sometimes an occasional tummy tuck may be needed. While many South Florida wedding photographers may offer photo retouch they don't provide in house retouch and enhancements. Because my photography career started before Photoshop started I was quick to embrace this new computer based art. Basically if you have a photo that needs retouch or enhancements we are happy to offer this service free of charge. Third, I only use the latest camera gear and always being back up equipment. Actually I don't consider extra cameras at a wedding as back up gear. The term back up gear implies that the photographer has a main camera and a lower quality or older back up camera. I always being several camera to a wedding, each camera is a current model with the latest technology. I shoot with these cameras at the same time. This means that if a camera breaks the very second the bride is walking down the aisle my additional camera is either on me or next to me so and ready to fire. This means I can move from one camera to the next swiftly. Fourth, In addition to years of experience, the latest equipment and my Photoshop skills I also offer wedding album design. Wedding album design goes along with photo retouch in the sense that photographs never fit perfectly into an album perfectly. Many wedding photographers can take pictures but can't design custom album pages. Because of this lack of skill they use album templates and album design programs.

Our wedding couples are discriminating which means we custom fit our images together on a page. Click through to this link to read our blog article on wedding albums. Wedding Album Article. Fifth, read our reviews and note from happy clients. Our goal is the have the happiest clients. Given all the above our clients are happy because we always deliver and provide full retouch. All over my website are notes and reviews from our happy clients. Here is a link to our Wedding Wire review page. In addition to Wedding Wire reviews I am always receiving nice notes from my clients. You can read these notes at the bottom of my home page.

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