Jewish Orthodox Bridal Portrait
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Jewish Orthodox Bridal Portrait

Portrait of a Jewish Orthodox Bride taken at the Mondrian Hotel South Beach FL

Modern Orthodox Weddings are one of the most fun and interesting events I get to photograph. As a South Florida Wedding Photographer who is based in Boynton Beach I get to photograph all kinds of wedding. Over the years I have photographed thousands of wedding in almost every religious faith. I have photographed Indian Weddings, Catholic Weddings, Armenian Weddings, Hindu Weddings, and Jewish Weddings. One of the most interesting weddings to photograph are Jewish Orthodox Weddings, Jewish Orthodox weddings are somewhat different than conservative or reformed jewish weddings in the sense that they have more religious activities taking place during the ceremony and the reception. At a typical Jewish Wedding some of the events take place are the Ketubah, Bedeken, Sheva B'rachot, Breaking the glass, Yichud. A Jewish Orthodox wedding has all of these events and more.

At a Jewish Orthodox wedding, there are many more meaningful events. It's the addition of all these event that make Jewish Orthodox wedding more interesting and fun to photograph.

During a Jewish Orthodox wedding the bride and groom don't get to see each other for the entire week before the wedding. The bride and groom at a Jewish wedding are called the chatan and kallah. By not seeing each other for a week the anticipation and excitement of the wedding is enhanced. When photographing a Orthodox Jewish wedding I start the photography the same way I would when shooting a Normal Jewish Wedding by photographing the bride and groom getting ready in separate rooms and then doing a "First Look" where the bride and groom see each other before we start the posed pictures.

In the wedding business doing a First Look has sort of become the standard. This is the case because clients usually want specific posed pictures. If the bride and groom want pictures together with their parents and siblings than they have no choice but to do these pictures before the start of the ceremony.

Once the posed pictures are taken, then the bride and groom separate and greet the wedding guest separately. This gives the appearance that the have still never seen each other.

The first important activity that happens at a South Florida Jewish Orthodox Wedding is called the badeken, this is where the groom goes to the bride and lifts the veil to make sure the girl he meets and marries under the alter is actually the bride he wants to marry.

In jewish history there is a story of a groom who was tricked by the brides father into marrying the wrong girl. In the jewish Torah (Sort of a bible) a father Laban had two daughters named Leah and Rachel. "Leah was the less attractive one and Rachel was sexy and beautiful. The groom really wanted Rachel but since he was tricked into marrying Leah he had to work seven years for her before he could marry Rachel. Because of this they say the jewish rabbis have learned and now the groom checks the bride to make sure it's the right girl. There are all kinds of activities and events in a Jewish Orthodox weddings, all these have special meaning and if you are a photographer photographing a jewish wedding in South Florida it's important that you know about these events and photograph them.

As a Florida wedding photographer, I find that shooting Orthodox wedding are interesting and fun. Having shot Jewish weddings in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Palm Beach & Coral Gables I have developed an deep appreciation of the many aspects of photographing jewish events.

If you are planning a South Florida Jewish Wedding and looking for a experienced photographer I would love to talk with you. Having been based in South Florida for over 15 years I have worked everyplace. Although I am not a wedding planner, I do have lots of experience when it comes to planning a wedding. I can be reached at (561) 737-5561

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