Breakers Indian Wedding Decor
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Breakers Indian Wedding Decor

Breakers Indian Wedding Decor from a beautiful ceremony.

There is no question that the Breakers in Palm Beach is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in South Florida. This Indian wedding ceremony decor photo is what you would expect from an Indian wedding at the Breakers. Everything at the Breakers is top notch, from the ballrooms to the landscaping to their own special event decor company. This ceremony site is typical of what you would expect for an Indian wedding held at the Breakers.

Over the years I have shot several Indian weddings at The Breakers, Indian weddings are always exciting to photograph mostly because of the vivid colors and all the interesting events associated with Indian weddings. As a wedding photographer in South Florida I photograph a wide range of weddings. I regularly shoot Indian weddings along with other weddings such as Jewish, Catholic and others. If you are recently engaged and planning a wedding I would love the opportunity to speak with you.

I have been photographing weddings for over 25 years and have experienced everything possible associated with various weddings. Even though I'm not a wedding planner, much of what I do as a photographer, involves wedding planning. It's the job of the wedding photographer to create a wedding photography timeline which is required to make the wedding day flow smoothly. If having a Palm Beach wedding is in your plans, the Breakers is an excellent choice.


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