Bride and Groom at Bethesda by the sea, Palm Beach.
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Bride and Groom at Bethesda by the sea, Palm Beach.

Bride and Groom share a kiss at Bethesda by the Sea, Palm Beach FL

Located just yards from The Breakers, in Palm Beach. Bethesda-by-the-sea is one of South Floirda's most beautiful churches. It's always a treat photographing beautiful weddings at this awesome location. What really made this wedding wonderful to shoot was the fact that bride and groom decided to get ready at The Breakers Hotel before going to this awesome church. After the wedding ceremony I had a few minutes to photograph the bride and groom around the church grounds. If you are considering getting married in South Florida then Palm Beach is worth checking out. In addition to Bethesda by the Sea, Palm Beach has several fantastic wedding venues. These include, The Four Seasons Resort, The Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa, The Brazilian Court Hotel, The Colony, and of course The Breakers.

Given that I had both the Breakers and Bethesda-by-the-sea to photograph this couple, I had no limit on photographic possibilities. I absolutely love archways for people photography. Placing a bride and groom inside an archway is the perfect way to direct the viewers eye to the couple getting married.

One important thing to keep in mind when photographing a couple in an archway is the placement of the bride and groom and the photographer in relationship to the archway. Generally I want the couple to nicely fill the inside of the archway. As a wedding photographer in Palm Beach it takes the right lens and distance to get the shot. By placing the bride and groom closer to the photographer they will appear larger in the lens. In addition the lens focal length is also as factor. The photographer can either be closer with a wider lens or further away with a telephoto lens. It takes the perfect combination of distance and lens to place the bride and groom correctly in the arch way, photoshop also helps this placement.

If you are recently engaged and thinking of having your wedding I'm Palm Beach or any other South Florida location, then I would love to talk with you. Based in Palm Beach County, I'm familiar with all the wedding venues in the area. I also have been an established wedding photographer for many years first in Los Angeles before I moved to Florida 14 years ago. In addition to photography and videography, I'm directly experienced with weddings. If you have questions about setting up a wedding timeline or are not sure about doing a first look I could provide some valuable insight.

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