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As a wedding photographer in Miami it's important to produce the most creative images possible. What draws me to wedding photography most is the fact that in wedding photography a photographer is required to produce creative images in a wide range of genres. The most creative photographers are able to create beautiful family portraits as well as capture special moments that are both well photographed as well as emotional. During a wedding ceremony a photographer needs to have the ability to produce photos of the event without being distracting, In most churches electronic flash is not allowed. This means that a photographer needs to be skilled at choosing the best F-Stop, ISO and shutter speed combination to produce creative photography that is sharp and perfectly exposed with the least amount of noise in the image. In addition, it's a huge plus if a photographer can create great detail shots. Detail photographs can range from a close up of a brides earrings, to a close up of her bouquet or the detail of her gown. The quality of capturing these fine details depends on lighting and how the light strikes an object. For example, light that strikes a brides gown from an angle will enhance the fine detail of a wedding gown. However, you would not want light to strike a brides face at a rough angel because that could enhance lines and wrinkles in a woman's face. Side lighting that rips across faces can work for guys portraits, because often shadows on a guy are considered character line. One of my favorite types of creative photography involves photographing the wedding rings. This photo was taken in a Miami bridal suite before the the first look.

Shooting through things is one of the best ways to create interest in a photograph. By shooting through an item you are creating a frame around an item. You see this method used in portraits as well as product photography. Framing items in a creative photograph also directs the viewers eye to the subject in the frame.

While shooting this wedding ring detail photo at a Miami wedding I wanted to create something unique and out of the box. Creating unique images not only takes vision but also the ability to use photographic skills to solve problems. Producing this image required solving several problems. The first problem to be solved had to do with the size of the rings and the relationship of the camera lens. The hole in the grooms ring needed to be large enough to see the brides ring through. I wanted to show off the texture of the grooms ring so I angled his ring slightly. I had to place the brides ring far enough away from the grooms ring so that her ring was visible through this hole in the ring.

This created the next problem that had to be solved. If the focus is on the grooms ring than the focus of the brides ring is completely off. One of the rules of focus has to do with the creative use of F-stops. The smaller the F-stop the more depth of field. This means that the focus will hold between the objects closer to the lens as well at the objects further away from the lens. In this image the issue of distance was too great to solve with just using a small f-stop. This problem has to also be solved by shifting focus between both rings. In order to make sure both objects worked together I used a tripod to keep the camera in place. By doing this all I had to do was slightly erase the soft focus ring which allowed the ring with the sharper focus to become visible.

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