Groom serenading his bride at The Boca Raton
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Groom serenading his bride at The Boca Raton

About this Boca Raton wedding picture.

If you can sing and want to impress your wedding guests, then maybe you should consider this. At the start of the Boca Raton wedding the groom put on a very entertaining performance. As his bride started her walk down the aisle, the groom broke into song and combined a few attention getting dance moves as well. Shocked by his performance the bride stopped and just enjoyed the show. Positioned a the side of the Cathedral Ballroom I was in the perfect position to move toward the bride and get the shot. Taken with natural light, I captured this and other images as he sang the his bride. As a South Florida wedding photographer I have seen lots of unique wedding ceremonies, however this one was really romantic. Every wedding guest felt the love in the grooms heart as he serenaded his future wife. The Cathedral ballroom is a very large rectangular room that is perfect for a wedding. The long walk down the aisle gave the groom plenty of space to walk up, serenade his bride while still leaving plenty of aisle for her to walk.

Every guest was treated to the sight of her beautiful long train as she approached the alter. This entire wedding was beautifully orchestrated by Beverly Diane Events. One of the highlights of this wedding was the amazing flowers and unique decor that surrounded the bride and groom. As beautiful at these wedding pictures are, one aspect of the Boca Raton wedding was the fact that once the ceremony ended this ballroom was completely transformed into a grand picturesque reception hall. The crew had only one hour to move the chairs, set up tables with flowers, bring in a wedding cake, get the band set up and ready to do and install a custom dance floor. The flowers and decor were all installed by Dalsimer Atlas Events. Check out these pictures from this wedding.

The flowers and decor at this Boca Raton wedding was amazing. As a wedding photographer I'm always thrilled when I have the luxury of photographing part of such an awesome wedding.

All the pictures featured in this blog post were captured and photo edited by me, (Jeff Kolodny). While there were other South Florida wedding photographers on site during this wedding the pictures featured here are copyrighted to Jeff Kolodny.

From the back looking forward toward the alter you can really get a sense of just how wonderful this wedding looked. Having photographed a wide range of weddings at The Boca Raton, I must say this ballroom is one of my favorites. Here are some pictures from other weddings I have photographed at The Boca Raton. Hidden location at The Boca Raton Whenever I work a wedding, one of my goals is the take pictures that are completely unique. This means I need to arrive early and scout for special locations that are off the beaten path. This location was hidden at the very end of the conference center. I had to move some stuff and arrange for this picture to be taken. Here's another special picture taken at The Boca Raton. Infrared wedding picture captured at The Boca Raton This picture is very unique because it was taken with a special infrared camera. As a South Florida based wedding photographer, I am always looking for ways to make pictures that stand out. Infrared gives my another choice. I don't shoot a ton of infrared however sometimes couples getting married will ask me to shoot some. It's just something different. Here are some links to other infrared wedding pictures I have taken at The Boca Raton. Infrared bridal shot at at the Boca Raton. Bride at The Boca Raton

The Boca Raton, new name with some beautiful improvements.

Covid really threw the South Florida wedding and event market a curve ball. At the start of Covid weddings and events canceled, postponed and shrank in size. I actually had dinner at the Boca Raton the day before the hotel closed it's doors. On addition to the hotel closing we lost a very good friend Bill Summerlin. Bill was a great guy and I had worked many great weddings and special events with Bill. During the next couple years the main hotel closed and a major renovation took place. Many of the parts of the hotel are the same, but there are lot's of notable new changes.

Decor Pictures taken at this wedding.

The pictures in the post were taken at the hotels main wedding ceremony ballroom. Both the wedding planner and the hotel asked that I come over the capture these decor and ceremony pictures.

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