Elopement Photography in South Florida
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Elopement Photography in South Florida

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Did you know that South Florida is the wedding and elopement capital of the world? Before I moved here I had no idea how popular weddings were here is Southern Florida. I never planned on moving here either. As a photographer who was based in Los Angeles, I was sent to Miami on an several photography assignment. After spending some time frolicking around Miami My wife and I realized we really liked it here. For our honeymoon we decided to do a combo trip. A three day cruise, another 4 days in Grand Cayman, I'm a SCUBA Diver" then another five or so days at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach. Having lived in LA for over 20 years I was an accomplished photographer who shot everything from Commercial assignments to Food Photography and Product photography and of course weddings, I never shot an elopement, I never even heard of an elopement. I just shot lots and lots of huge and medium sized weddings. Business was great and I had a very nice studio located in Woodland Hills which is an upscale part of the San Fernando Valley. During our visit to the Fontainebleau I stopped into the sales and catering office to introduce myself. Once during a wedding photography conference in Las Vegas I remember a keynote speaker asking, How many wedding photographers know who the hotel wedding and event planner is? His point was, you should always find out. I guess that stuck, because after that I always find out who handles the weddings at every hotel I visit. When I met the Fontainebleau wedding planner I was surprised to learn how many weddings take place here in South Florida. Then we made the bad decision to looking at new homes for sale here in South Florida. I must say, I was amazed. Beautiful new homes for less than the value of my crappy little Encino condo. We had a ton of friends in LA but no family. My wife's parents were thinking about retirement and we wanted to start a family. So to make a long story short I rented a place on the beach just to see what would happen. It didn't take long before I started booking jobs. I flew back and forth between LA and Fort Lauderdale for a year before deciding to make the move. I remember when I booked my first South Florida Elopement. I get a call and asked how many people, only two? On the beach, on a Thursday? Ok Why not?

About Elopement Photography in South Florida.

There is something fun and exciting about elopements as opposed to weddings. When I photograph a typical wedding I have to set aside three hours just for the getting ready and family photos. Then the full ceremony and a 4-5 hour reception. When it comes to an elopement it's maybe a few artsy getting ready photo, a bride and groom first look, and a beautiful short ceremony. Then I get to take as many bride and groom photos as I would like. No Rushing before the cocktail hour starts, no extended family photo either. I get to be as creative as I would like and spend as much time as it takes to get the shots. For a bride and groom an elopement in South Florida means that neither the couple doesn't need to put on a show. It's a romantic adventure for two. If you would like to share the ceremony with friends and family we can also provide video coverage as well. South Florida is one of the best places to plan an elopement. If could be a spur of the moment decision or you can plan to tie the know well in advance. In addition your choice of locations is unlimited. You can decide on a beautiful private beach, or in front of a waterfall or even in a wooded park. In addition you could travel to several different locations. By not having to worry about your huge guest list or extend family photos the time spent could by taking pictures of just the two of you. You can also have an elopement with just a few people, maybe just somer close friends.

If you need help choosing a South Florida Elopement location just call me I have been here for over 15 years and I'm familiar with every amazing hotel, beach location and country club in the entire South Florida area. If doesn't matter if your elopement is in the Florida Keys, Miami, South Beach, Coral Gables, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton or Palm Beach, chances are I have worked there before. I could be reached at (561) 737-5561


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