Just married! Weddings at the Harbor Beach Marriott
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Just married! Weddings at the Harbor Beach Marriott

Bride and Groom posing at their Harbor Beach Marriott Wedding.

It was a wonderful day for a wedding at the Harbor Beach Marriott. I took this bride and groom photo after the ceremony, during the cocktail hour. When couples decide to tie the knot in Fort Lauderdale they are often thinking about taking some on the beach pictures. After all isn't that what a South Florida beach wedding is all about? There are lots and lots of beautiful wedding venues in Broward County and the beach in Fort Lauderdale is very popular for beach activities. Almost all the hotels are located across form the beach which means that getting to the sand requires walking out of the hotel and across the street to the public beach. Often when I'm working at a Fort Lauderdale beach hotel I make the walk across Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd with the bride and groom. There I'm faced with a nice beach that is full of sunbathers and their umbrellas. Usually I can photoshop out these people but sometimes there are just too many to remove. Solution? Visit the Harbor Beach Marriott in Fort Lauderdale. This is one of the few wedding and event venues that sits right on the beach. Not only does the the Harbor Beach Marriott sit on the beach, the hotel also features a huge ocean view terrace that is perfect for a wedding ceremony with a very large guest count. In addition to the ceremony being perfect for a ceremony, it is also large enough that after the ceremony the wedding guests can scoot over to the cocktail hour on the same terrace. With a beautiful staircase just off the terrace, the bride and groom, including the wedding party can take a very short walk to the sand for pictures.

Taking beautiful wedding pictures at the Harbor Beach Marriott.

Taking really beautiful pictures at the Marriott in Harbor beach is easy because of the great photo locations. Couples have a choice of posing in the lobby against a staircase, or in the hotel spa. (I love shooting in the spa and one ever goes there for pictures.) In addition there is a conference center, another location that doesn't get much attention, and should. Once you decide to venture outside you have an incredible wide range of photography locations. You know what? I think next time I'm in the hotel, I'll arrive really early and take pictures of some of the great photos spots. This way I could do a post, The best places for pictures at the Harbor Beach Marriott.

As a way of taking beautiful family, posed bride and groom photos with a ocean background, I have my favorite photo spots in mind. This spot is located just outside of the Ocean Ballroom. The hotel ballroom and covered patio provides a nice shaded location and a great ocean view. I'm not saying this is where you have to take family pictures, it's just a nice location that I often use. Other great locations are around the pool, which as a great waterfall and a cave. By spending some time in this area, a good photographer should be able to figure out how to make the lighting work wonders.

Some of the wedding ceremonies I shoot take place directly on the beach, other brides and grooms are not into getting sand between their toes. For those couples wedding ceremonies take place on the ocean terrace. I doesn't really matter which wedding ceremony site you choose, both locations provide a great view making for gorgeous pictures. Below are some links to my favorite Harbor Beach Marriott wedding photos.

Bride and Groom in the hotel spa. If you clicked this link you got to see just how beautiful the hotel spa looks.

Bride and Groom taking a bike ride on the Ocean Terrace This is one of my favorite creative pictures taken on the terrace.

Pictures from the Marriott Harbor Beach. Is it the Harbor Beach Marriott or the Marriott Harbor Beach? Either way, this link will take you to a post loaded with pictures from this awesome luxury hotel.

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