Indian Wedding in Fort Lauderdale Beach
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Indian Wedding in Fort Lauderdale Beach

Indian Bridal Portrait taken on Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida

Photographing an Indian Wedding in South Florida is always a treat. There are so many things about Indian weddings that make photographing them a fun and rewarding experience. Indian weddings are a combination of the bright colors and different bridal outfits mixed with many interesting events and traditions. Unlike many more traditional South Florida weddings Indian weddings usually last for several days. Having shot many Indian weddings here in South Florida I'm very experienced in all the different aspects of these fun and unique events.

This photo was taken outside the hotel on the beach in South Florida. Because of the typical South Florida weather it was sort of cloudy in the late afternoon which made for a very beautiful looking sky. I used as basic pose and the brides beautiful dress added a great splash of color.

To enhance the sky I added some contrast and saturated the clouds. In addition I added a slight vignette with directs to viewers eyes to the bride and groom.

Even though this wedding photo was taken on Fort Lauderdale beach, this Indian Wedding ceremony actually started in the morning at Parkland Country Club. If you look through my photo gallery we can find this couples wedding photo from Parkland Country Club.

Whenever, I photograph a bridal couple I always make sure the bride and groom get a wide range of beautiful posed photos. Each photo sequence includes photos of both looking at the camera, the bride looking at the groom, the groom looking at the bride, maybe a kiss photo for good measure.

If you are looking for a photographer who has experience with Indian weddings in South Florida I would love to talk. Over the years I have photographed Indian weddings in Miami, Miami Beach, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Coral Gables, Delray Beach, and Orlando.

I'm also familiar with all the different Indian Wedding Events, so if you have a question about the Mehndi Ceremony, or the Sangeet or any of the other Indian wedding events I'm available to answer your questions.

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