Fort Lauderdale Wedding Photography
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Fort Lauderdale Wedding Photography

Every once in a while I come across a specific location where I have to stop and say, we must take pictures here. This photo was taken at one of those spots. I'm a photographer who is based in South Florida and given the fact that I travel all over the state for my clients I often find myself doing Fort Lauderdale wedding photography. I took this picture while the this hotel was just recently opened. Because this hotel was new the hotel catering staff didn't have any bridal photos. So I offered my services, for free. By the way, the hotel is the W Fort Lauderdale. In this post I'm going to give you "The Reader" an honest assessment of what this venue is like when taking wedding photos here. It is a truly wonderful hotel, but like every South Florida wedding venue it presents some photographic challenges and also offers some very unique photographic opportunities. As a South Florida based photographer I get to work everywhere in the state, however given that this is a Fort Lauderdale wedding venue, I will only contrast this location with other venues that are also in Fort Lauderdale. If you are reading this, I can only assume that your interest is in having a Fort Lauderdale wedding. I totally understand why someone would choose this beach location to have their wedding. The fact that there is a great beach mixed with awesome evening clubs and restaurants make Fort Lauderdale a wonderful place to host your wedding.

Let me start with this photo, because the venue needed pictures I figured that I should be the first one to provide them. So I made arraignments with Boca Raton Bridal to lend some gowns for a photo shoot at the W Fort Lauderdale. In addition the model also worked at Boca Bridal. So we arrived at the W and started shooting. When we got to the pool area and I was this glass surrounded staircase that went through the pool I said those words, "We must take pictures here!" Getting the train of the bridal gown to lay in the stairs took some effort because the bride was standing downward from the top of the staircase, any movement from the bride resulted in the train sliding down the stairs. I love a challenge so when I have to fix the gown again and again during a shoot I know I have the makings of a great photo. The W Fort Lauderdale have a very modern look which is great to taking unique wedding photos. It also has some very cool stairways. Check out this photo below, also taken at the W Fort Lauderdale.

Wedding at the W Fort Lauderdale

By the way, another wedding photo with the bride standing down hill from the wedding gown train. Yes, I had to fix this dress a bunch of times before getting this shot. Whenever I find myself doing Fort Lauderdale wedding photography one of the things I have to deal with this the wind factor. If you are a bride who has a long train that easily gets blown around I would recommend having your wedding photographer bring along some tiny weights which could be used to hold the gown down so that it doesn't blow away. I happen to be a SCUBA diver and for my dive trips I often pack these small weighted bean bags. These are actually perfect for holding the train down in wind. The W hotel has the very cool roof patio deck with is an awesome place for a wedding ceremony. You can also catch an amazing sunset shot from the roof deck. Check out this Sunset shot from the W Fort Lauderdale Below.

Sunset photo taken at the W Fort Lauderdale.

Isn't this a very cool view? If you turn around and look the other way you get a great ocean view. Of course there are other beach hotels located in Fort Lauderdale. I'm sure if you are planning a South Florida wedding and are interested in Fort Lauderdale you are probably checking out some of the other venues as well. As a Fort Lauderdale wedding photographer I have shot at almost every hotel in Fort Lauderdale beach, OK I have shot at every wedding venue. Here are some links to pictures I have taken at some of the other Fort Lauderdale hotels.

Another great Fort Lauderdale wedding venue is the Marriott Harbor Beach. This wedding venue is much larger than the W Fort Lauderdale and it sits directly on the beach. I work at this hotel often. Here is a link to a wedding I shot at the Harbor Beach Marriott: Sarah and Andrew's Wedding at the Harbor Beach Marriott. Another great Fort Lauderdale wedding venue is The Ritz-Carlton Fort Lauderdale, This is another elegant venue that is also across the street from the beach. This venue offers very nice ocean views as well. I have some some awesome weddings at the Ritz-Carlton as well. Check out this wedding: Bianca and Izhak's Fort Lauderdale Ritz-Carlton wedding. This wedding was awesome and featured great decor and even a rainbow!

As a Fort Lauderdale wedding photographer I should tell you that most of the hotels that are along Fort Lauderdale beach blvd are located across the road from the beach. This means that the beach has many sunbathers hanging out on the beach. The Harbor Beach Marriott is located directly on the beach so the beach is private.

If you are planning a wedding in Fort Lauderdale you will certainly have a great time checking out all the wonderful hotels located on Fort Lauderdale beach. Each venue has something unique of offer. So the these hotels are more picturesque, others are more modern, some offer the luxury beyond what any couple could imagine. If you need any help planning your Fort Lauderdale wedding call me at (561) 737-5561


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