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Creative wedding photography in South Florida

This bridal portrait was taken at The Villa Casa Casuarina in South Beach Florida. As a wedding photographer I'm always looking for places to make creative wedding photographs. Once I arrive, I search the bride and grooms venue for the best location with the most useable light. For this shot I wanted to show off the fact that the train of the gown was somewhat see through. By putting the bride in front of the stained glass window I was able to light her legs through the gown. It's up to the wedding photographer to create unique images no matter what the situation, However having a bride in a Galia Lahav bridal gown sure helps to spur on the creativity. If you are an engaged bride looking for a bridal gown I suggest you visit Boca Raton Bridal which is where this gown was purchased.

How to help your photographer take creative wedding pictures.

Working in South Florida as a wedding photographer, I'm always excited when I get to work at a venue that offers options for creative pictures. While The Villa Casa Casuarina is a great place for taking unique pictures, South Florida is loaded with many other awesome wedding venues. It doesn't matter if the venue is in Miami, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, or Palm Beach, I'm always thrilled to work in a unique location. Often I will find that recently engaged couples will use my website as a source to help them find their perfect wedding venue. Many couples who call me to inquire about my wedding photograph will ask me which venues are my favorites. Aside from the location, there are several other factors that effect my ability to produce creative wedding photography. There are several factors that can help a photographer get more creative pictures. What really matters is a combination of other factors. One of the biggest factors which affects the photography is timing. Before each wedding I always consult with the bride and groom for the purpose of making a wedding timeline. Having a great wedding timeline is critical for getting great wedding photography coverage. Here is a link to an article I wrote on making a wedding timeline. Creating a wedding timeline. By having a solid timeline, I will arrive early and have plenty of time to take creative picture of the bride getting ready, the groom getting ready, set up the first look and take the most amazing pictures. As a wedding photographer who is always looking forward to taking the most creative pictures I find it a total bummer when I arrive ready to rock and the bride is not even close to being photo ready. Often it's a hair and makeup issue. When it comes to weddings working with dependable hair and makeup people is critical. Honestly I would rather work with a good dependable hair and makeup person who can have the bride photo ready on time or close to on time, than extremely talented hair and make up people who arrive 2 hours late and can't get the hair and make up finished with enough time for me to take the pictures. If you wedding is taking place in Miami, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale or Palm Beach, here are some links to hair and makeup artist I know are not only talented but also dependable. Ultimate Bridal Beauty Jaye Minton Goldberg is a great choice, It's always a pleasure working with her. Kiss this makeup is another hair and makeup company I work with often. Fresh Beauty Studio is another awesome choice. Phairis Luxury. I always smile when I arrive and see Rebecca finishing up the hair. I know that when Pharis Luxury is one the job the bride will look amazing and be ready for pictures according to the timeline. While these makeup and hair people are all fantastic, this doesn't mean that there are not others that are also amazing. If I kept this list of talented and dependable makeup artist going I would have to add in another twenty or so names. Sorry if I forgot anyone.

My favorite venues for taking creative wedding pictures.

I love working at The Villa Casuarina, however as a South Florida creative wedding photographer who works in Miami, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, or Palm Beach I would be remised if I didn't mention some of my other favorite South Florida wedding venues. So here we go.

Let's start with VIZCAYA Museum & Gardens. Honestly, it you can't get married here, then take your engagement pictures here. This place is nothing short of picturesque. Located on the water in Miami the grounds are breathtaking. Make sure you leave a lot of time to wander around because you are going to need several hours. I just had a set of engagement pictures from this venue published. Here is the link: Tacari Weddings

Next up as we travel north to Fort Lauderdale we come to The Harbor Beach Marriott. While the Marriott doesn't look like Vizcaya, It's an awesome wedding venue for other reasons. If you are looking to get married and stay at the same place this is a great choice. First, the beach at the Marriott Harbor beach is wide and pristine. In addition you are guaranteed to have a great time in Fort Lauderdale beach blvd. For wedding guests visiting from out of town this venue will provide an amazing experience. Here is a link to a wedding I posed about the Marriott Harbor Beach. I have some many pictures from this venue that I felt compelled to do a post featuring a variety of images from this venue. Harbor Beach Marriott Wedding Photography. After seeing these images you will want to tie the knot a this venue.

Heading further north to Boca Raton a visit to the The Boca Raton is a must. This hotel has beautiful the picturesque scenery with the elegance of a fine resort. The Boca Raton Resort also features an addition hotel which is located on an amazing stretch of beach. As a South Florida wedding photographer I get to work at all these venues. However, I find myself working here the most. I have a ton of pictures from this venue so let me share. This link features pictures from several Boca Resort weddings. Samantha and Arryn had a beautiful wedding at the Boca Raton Resort.

Our next stop on the wedding venue tour takes us to the Eau Palm Beach If you are not familiar with Palm Beach, it's the most expensive community in South Florida, actually it may be the most expensive town in the country. Let me check on this, hold on, actually it's the 15th wealthiest in the country, depending on where you look. It's still very expensive and the Eau Palm Beach is first rate. The Eau Hotel is another beach front venue that is first class. It actually used to be a Ritz Carlton. It's one of my favorite Palm Beach wedding venues. Check out this wedding which took place at the Eau. (LAUREN AND BRETT’S wedding at the EAU PALM BEACH

As a creative wedding photographer who works in South Florida, I enjoy working at all these venues. Considering how popular South Florida is for weddings there are hundreds of great wedding venues to choose from. If you decide to tie the knot at The Villa Casa Casuarina, Vizcaya, The Harbor Beach Marriott the Boca Raton Resort or the Eau Palm beach you are sure to have a fabulous South Florida Wedding.

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