Breakers Circle Room Wedding Decor
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Breakers Circle Room Wedding Decor

If you are planning a wedding and looking for a fantastic wedding venue, than you may want to check out The Breakers in Palm Beach. Working as a South Florida wedding photographer, I get to shoot pictures at some of the most beautiful wedding venues around. This picture was taken inside the Breakers Hotel's Circle Ballroom. There are many different beautiful ballrooms inside this wonderful Palm Beach wedding venue. Some of the ballrooms are large, such as The Circle Ballroom which has tall fifteen foot high windows and a thirty foot domed ceiling. In the center of the domed ceiling is a beautiful Venetian crystal chandelier. The unusual shape of this circular ballroom is perfect for any bride planning a South Florida wedding. Another, huge ballroom at The Breakers is the Venetian Ballroom. This is the largest ballroom at the Breakers. The floor to ceiling windows offer a fantastic view of the Atlantic Ocean. Over the years working as a South Florida wedding photographer, I have shot a wide range of different events inside this ballroom. I have fond memories of weddings, corporate events, charity events, and chamber meetings inside this ballroom. Check out this picture of Kool and the gang in action inside the Venetian Room! Here is another Kool and the gang concert photo shot in the Breakers. Another one of my favorite ballrooms at the Breakers is the Mediterranean Ballroom. I have photographed more events in this room than another room at The Breakers. While this room is not at large at the Venetian Ballroom and It doesn't have that cool circular vibe as the Circle Ballroom, it's still a fantastic place for any type of event. Here are some pictures I shot inside the Mediterranean Ballroom. I shot this bridal portrait inside the empty Mediterranean Ballroom. Having the Mediterranean all to myself gave me an opportunity be extra creative at the start of this wedding. Check out this wedding which also took place at The Breakers. Emily and Rich had their wedding reception inside the Mediterranean Ballroom. While I'm sharing blog posts from The Breakers, Let me share this one from a huge corporate event. Fire and Fun at The Breakers. This corporate event had functions inside almost every ballroom at inside and outside the hotel grounds.

Over the years I have photographed a wide range of weddings at The Breakers. This link will take you a blog post that is filled with more wedding pictures, all taken at The Breakers in Palm Beach. Breakers wedding pictures.

Why should you hire me to photograph your Breakers Palm Beach Wedding.

There are plenty of reasons why any engaged couple should hire me at your Breakers wedding photographer. First, I have been working as a professional South Florida wedding photographer for over 15 years. That translates to well over five hundred South Florida weddings. Before I moved to South Florida, I was a Los Angeles based wedding photographer. I moved to Los Angeles at the start of my photography career, and have shot well over five hundred wedding in LA. So since I have been a wedding photographer, I have photographed well over one thousand weddings!

Second, After so many years photographing weddings, corporate events, product photography and many other types of images, I have learned a few things. I have not just learned about how to shoot, but also how to run a business and take care of my clients. When someone hires me to photograph their wedding or event or commercial project, they can expect great imagery, delivered on time as as per our photo agreement. In addition to delivery to our product, I am also a great communicator. This means that phone calls, e-mails, text messages get returned in a timely manor. I know that planning a wedding, corporate event or Bat / Bar Mitzvah are all time consuming and in many cases, stressful. Anyone in the process of event planning is going to want a photographer who is responsive to their needs.

Third, I take care of my images. One of the biggest fears photography consumers have is loss of images. I have heard plenty of stories of inexperienced photographers loosing images. Most of the time when a photographer looses image to a result of human error. Photographers who don't back up their images on separate hard drives, photographers who loose memory cards, can easily loose images. Having been in business as long as I have, I know that people are human, and mistakes are sometimes made. This is the reason why zI build safeguards into my photography process. In photography it's the little things that make a huge difference. For example, All my memory cards stay with me. They are in a memory card wallet that is attached to me. My card walled has a cord that attaches to my pant belt loop. In addition each memory card starts with a sticky attached. The sticky indicates the card has not been shot. When the memory card is inserted into the camera, the sticky is removed. This way there is no chance of reformatting and shooting over a used card. In addition, my cameras are set up to shoot to two different cards at the same time. This way, if one memory card fails, I have the images backed up on another memory card. Once back in the studio, all the images get backed up to two separate Hard Drives. In addition, all the images get burned to an back up Blu-ray DVD. I know some people think DVDs are old school. Well, DVDs are permanent, unless you actually break the disc, you will always have the images. I have actually retrieved images from weddings I photographed 20 years ago.

There are many many more reasons what a recently engaged couple should hire me. If you would love to talk to me personally give me a call at (561) 737-5561

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