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South Florida Elopement Photographer

South Florida and Florida Keys Elopement Photography

Imagine a South Florida or Florida Keys elopement on a endless beautiful beach or in a tropical garden in front of a breathtaking ocean or sunset. Welcome to wedding and elopement paradise. If you are looking for the perfect place to escape and get married you found the perfect place. I have been a South Florida and Florida Keys Elopement Photographer for over 15 years. Before I moved to Florida I never dreamed that I would leave Los Angeles. However, as it turned out Playboy Entertainment sent me on an assignment by way of South Florida and that introduction to the area led to me moving here permanently. It's really a long story, but if Playboy never sent me to Florida, I would still me in Los Angeles.

The picture in this article was taken at the Coconut Palm Inn, which is a beautiful wedding and elopement location in the Florida keys. If you are interested in getting married in South Florida or the Florida Keys read further. In case you didn't know South Florida is the capital of Elopements and Weddings. We have hundreds and hundreds of miles of the most beautiful beaches in the world. South Florida and the Florida Keys are home to a wide range of cities and towns that range from casual laid back atmospheres to wild party scenes. Whatever you seeking you can find it here in Florida. This Coconut Palm Inn wedding was both romantic and fun. The couple had a very nice ceremony in a small chapel and then we all met at the Coconut Palm Inn for a fun reception with a few friends.

Hiring a South Florida and Florida Keys Elopement Photographer

As an event photographer I have worked at almost every venue in Florida from Coconut Palm Inn to the Ritz-Carlton to the Breakers in Palm Beach. If you are interested in Eloping in Miami, Florida Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Palm Beach or any place in the Keys I can help you with your plans. In my years here I have built relationships with the best event planners in the area. Some planners specialize in Florida Keys Elopements and other are more familiar with the Broward County and Palm Beach area. Either way I'll help you find the right planner, florist, Reverend, justice of the piece or rabbi. I know everyone.

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Why not marry in Florida? If you are visiting from the the Northern United States in places such as New York, Philadelphia, Ohio, Boston where it's cold in the winter, or you’re a local Floridian, a South Florida Beach elopement or wedding could be exactly what is needed. Elopement ceremonies and small intimate weddings have become very popular trends as well as great alternatives to a traditional weddings. These small weddings and elopements are often simple, intimate, and romantic. As a bride and groom you get to experience everything you would at a larger wedding except the huge cost. As a photographer I enjoy photographing these smaller wedding and events because I get to spend more time taking creative pictures as opposed to shooting endless group photos. Now don't get me wrong. I'm happy to photograph large group photos and I provide these types of photos often. However, at these events lot's of extra time is built into the timeline. Elopements and small weddings are not about lots of big family groups. These weddings are more about romance, intimacy, and creativity. If you would like to learn about elopement photographer check out my full article which includes all kinds of helpful tips. Tips for getting Awesome Elopement Pictures!

What is the difference between an Elopement and a small Wedding?

The actual definition of an Elopement is "running away," It's difference in the sense that it's a secret ceremony that others are not aware has happened. While Eloping refers to getting married without telling anyone, including parents the name strikes up thoughts of breaking the rules, or someones expectations. The term eloping could also suggest that there is no formal wedding or ceremony. Often people who elope do so in front of a judge at a court house. Often couples elope as a result of their parents or families not approving of the couple getting married. Often when having the approval of the parents is an issue a couple may decide not to involve the parents and family and elope instead. A small wedding could be similar to an Elopement in the sense that the amount of people at the ceremony is very limited. Parents often attend a small beach wedding along with a few close friends. In this situation, most of the couples friends and some family may not be aware that the bride and groom are getting married. The idea is that the couple doesn't feel the need to hide the fact of the wedding, instead this are simply not involving everyone in their circle of friends and family. I recently photographed a very small wedding that took place in secret at the brides house. The large wedding had to be canceled because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Is this an elopement? I say no, because the family and some friends attended. They also had a very very small party after. Ok - Pizza and some finger foods with fancy cocktail napkins doesn't make for a wedding reception, however I have no doubt that their wedding next year will be an amazing event. To see this lovely couple click this link: They postponed their big luxury wedding due to Coronavirus but got married anyway!

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