Bride and Groom Romance at Broken Sound Country Club.
Jeff Kolodny Photography

Bride and Groom Romance at Broken Sound Country Club.

Bride and Groom share a special moment together in Boca Raton FL

One of my favorite places to photograph weddings is Broken Sound Country Club in Boca Raton Florida.

Shooting a wedding at Broken Sound Country Club is always a treat because the scenic locations are endless. Every time I break out my camera at Broken Sound Country Club I end up shooting something unique and different.

I took this photograph while driving with the bride and groom in the golf cart. As we drove by the wild flowers I couldn't help from noticing the fabulous back lit wild flowers. The Bride and Groom were really great sports and were willing to step into the tall grass with the beautiful wildflowers. Whenever photographing people I always look for soft even facial lighting. This spot was perfect and the backlight provided the perfect lighting situation. As we drove past I yelled STOP HERE! I just couldn't pass up this great location.

If you are a photographer and interested in tech stuff here is the info:

I shot this with a Canon 5D Mark 3, The ISO was set to 250 at 1/200sec F5.6

Working as a wedding photographer in South Florida you are always faced with changing lighting and weather conditions. One day it's beautiful and the next day rain. When you have a beautiful wedding and great weather you have to make it a point to get out into the sun and start shooting. This Broken Sound wedding couldn't have happened on a more beautiful day!

Location: 2401 Willow Springs Dr, Boca Raton, FL 33496.

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