Bridal Portrait taken at The Breakers, Palm Beach FL
Jeff Kolodny Photography

Bridal Portrait taken at The Breakers, Palm Beach FL

I shot this portrait of a south florida bride looking up at the camera from a high angle because I wanted the train of her bridal gown to become the background.   In addition I wanted the photograph to draw the viewer to her fantastic eyes.  In portrait wedding photography one of the rules of photographing a bride is to decide what part of the brides body should be largest and what should be smallest or attract the least attention.

Whatever part of the persons body is closest to the lens is going to appear larger, so photographing from high angle in this case will make her face larger and the addition of electronic flash really made her eyes stand out.

This photo is one of several different variations of the same photo.  When I processed the photos from this frame I decided to make a straight color photo, a black and white photo and as something a bit unique I created this photo which is a Sepia photo with only the flowers in color.  

By making the photo sepia and keeping the flowers color I was able to make the flowers also stand out in addition to her beautiful eyes. 

There is a huge difference in appearance between black and white wedding photography and a color wedding photo so combining both black and white and color in one photo looks too awkward.  However, sepia has more yellow and red added which brings the brides skin tone closer to color.  Combining a sepia photo with color flowers isn't such a large stretch  

Location: The Breakers One South County Road Palm Beach, FL 33480 .

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