Bride and Groom from an Awesome Ocean Reef Club Wedding.
Jeff Kolodny Photography

Bride and Groom from an Awesome Ocean Reef Club Wedding.

Bridal Portrait taken at The Ocean Reef Club, Key Largo FL.

This photo of the beautiful Taylor and handsome Robert was taken at the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo Florida. The location where this photo was taken was chosen by the couple and their wedding planner well before the wedding day. I actually had no idea what to expect during the shuttle ride to this location. The groom Robert was already waiting for us to arrive with Taylor for the bride and groom first look.

The second I stepped out of the shuttle, I started looking around for a location with good lighting and a really pretty background. I noticed this location right away. The first thing I look for when choosing a shooting location is where are the shadows falling. Because I want nice soft face lighting I alway keep the sun behind the couple. Keeping the sun behind the couple also creates a nice hair light. Once I have found my back-lit direction. look for backgrounds that are more on the darker side. If you place a person in a backlit situation against a light background then you can't see the drama created by the backlighting.

This shot came together so easily. Part of what made this shot so easy to capture, was the ease of working with Taylor and Robert. They really were the perfect wedding couple, Fun, Happy and with a great attitude. They took direction really great and just fell into poses that looked awesome. They were both always smiling for the camera as they knocked out pose after pose.

Working at the Ocean Reef Club is always a treat. The property is incredibly well landscaped so everywhere you look you will find a great background. I must have shot 4 or 5 really beautiful images just with-in 30 feet of this location.

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Location: 201 Ocean Reef Dr, Key Largo, FL 33037.

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