Elopement in  South Florida
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Elopement in South Florida

This elopement in South Florida photo was taken in the Eau hotel in Palm Beach.

As a South Florida elopement photographer I have photographed small weddings all over South Florida and the Caribbean. This photo was taken at an elopement in Palm Beach. As a South Florida photographer I shoot a ton of small weddings and elopements. The nice thing about photographing both elopements and small weddings is the fact that your photographer gets to spend more time photographing the bride and groom in an environment in which you are much less pressured by time restraints. In the case of a medium to large wedding the wedding time-line becomes a huge factor. Check out my article on wedding timelines. By not having to worry about following a timeline during your elopement in Florida your photographer can spend lots of extra time taking pictures. The picture in this article was taken at the Eau Palm Beach. About half of the weddings that take place at the Eau are either very small or elopements. They do have a huge ballroom that is perfect for those large 500 person weddings, but they also have a Ocean Ballroom that is great for very small weddings or South Florida elopements. One of my favorite aspects of the Eau is the fact that the grounds are very pretty and there are unlimited places to take pictures. Here are some more pictures from the Eau Palm Beach. Grandmother seeing the bride for the first time at the Eau Palm Beach. This Florida wedding picture was taken the very second the bride's grandmother saw the bride for the first time. The moment happened by accident. The bride's grandmother was being wheeled in during the time the bride and myself were walking to the first look between the bride and groom. It just proves that as a photographer who photographs elopements and weddings in South Florida needs to always be ready to take that spur of the moment photo-journalistic shot. Here is another elopement in Florida picture also taken at the Eau Hotel in Palm Beach. Bride in the mirror. This picture was taken during the bride and groom elopement photo session. The Eau Hotel has a very small restaurant called Angle. Angle is the perfect place for either a very small wedding or an elopement. The side of Angle has a very cool artsy mirror which is where I made this photo. This South Florida elopement included the bride and groom and their 2 kids. They had their ceremony under a small tent that overlooked the ocean. If you are dreaming of having an elopement in Florida, I wrote an entire article on elopements and small weddings. This article features a bride and groom sitting on the back steps of the Eau Palm Beach. Here is the photo, Bride and groom at the Eau Palm Beach. This article covers everything from the reasons to have an elopement in South Florida as well as Places to have an Elopement as well as elopement tips. This elopement photo was taken in the Florida keys. Key Largo elopement photo The Florida Keys is a very popular place for people have elopements and small weddings. There are so many great places in the Keys for elopements that the fact that you have water views in almost every directions means you can always get great pictures. If you are looking for venues to have your Florida elopement here are a few of my favorite venues to check out. The Breakers, Palm Beach is just up the road from the Eau and is a great place for a Florida Elopement. The hotel is huge and has great scenic places for pictures. Here are some pictures from elopements, weddings, and small weddings I have taken at The Breakers in Palm Beach. Bride and Groom infrared wedding picture taken at The Breakers. This shot was taken during the photography session at a huge Breakers wedding. I shot this using a special camera modified to take infrared pictures. One of my favorite Breakers wedding photos I shot on the hotels garden lawn. Check out this one, Bride and Groom kissing at the Breakers. At the end of the lawn is a vegetable and herb garden that includes this wonderful fountain which is where I shot this one. The fact that the couple was seriously into pictures made getting this shot easy. This bridal photo was actually taken at the a Breakers small wedding - elopement. The bride didn't use this big ballroom for her wedding, but the lighting is the hotels Mediterranean ballroom was perfect the this shot. She had another small wedding - elopement in South Florida Check out this photo Bride and her wedding gown. Another awesome venue you should check out for your Elopement in Southern Florida the the Marriott Harbor Beach. Fort Lauderdale Harbor Beach Marriott I work at this venue all the time. Located on the ocean its one of the only wedding and elopement venues in Broward County that has it's own private beach. It's one of my favorite places for a South Florida elopement or small wedding. Like the other South Florida wedding and elopement venues it can accommodate both small weddings and elopements as well as those very large weddings as well. Here are some pictures from weddings I have shot at the Harbor Beach Marriott. Harbor Beach bride and groom photo I shot this photo in the hotel spa. The spa is one of those hidden spots in the hotel. More people who have elopements and wedding at the Fort Lauderdale Harbor Beach Marriott don't know about this great photo spot. To see their entire wedding post click here. Here is another sample of South Florida elopement and wedding photos taken at the Harbor Beach Marriott in Fort Lauderdale. This post features pictures from all around the Harbor Beach Marriott. Wedding and Elopement pictures from the Harbor Beach Marriott

About this above photos. Photographing a South Florida elopement is vs a wedding allows your photographer the luxury of spending extra time taking pictures without the need to watch the clock. Because this picture from the Eau had so few people I was able to work with the little girl to get the perfect expression. Making this photo took time and by not having a crowd of wedding guests hanging around I was able to get this shot with perfect expressions. Guess what? It was also a fun photo to make!

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