A windy wedding in Boca Raton
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A windy wedding in Boca Raton

Infrared Black and White wedding photo of a bride and groom on the beach on Boca Raton FL

This was a tough photo to take, I shot this Black and White infrared photo on a rocky beach jetty in Boca Raton. This couple actually had their wedding ceremony at a church in Boca with the wedding reception planned at the Waterstone hotel in Boca Raton right after. They really wanted beach / ocean photos so I followed their limo to the beach after we left the church. Not having time to park we pulled our cars off the road by the beach and made a dash to the beach to get this photo.

It was an incredibly windy day so I had to figure out how to make this photo happen. Because of the direction of the wind I knew I had to put the bride with her long hair and flowing dress facing the wind. A subtle grab of her veil helped keep her veil in place.

Notice how the clouds look so dramatic. This was shot in infrared which really adds drama to the sky. Because infrared is sensitive to heat and light Infrared always adds contrast and drama to the sky.

South Florida is a fantastic place to have you destination wedding. Florida wedding couples always dream of having a picture perfect day for their beach wedding photos. Sometimes the wind decides that it going to be more present than other days. If you happen to find yourself fighting the wind on your wedding day here are some tips that will help you get those fantastic wedding photos.

Pick a hairstyle that will work with the wind.

Hair is the biggest obstacle when taking picture in the wind. Since there will be movement involved use a hairstyle that looks good with movement, a partial updo will work fine as long as the hair in front of your face is neatly styled for the wind. Some hair can be touched up if there are stronger winds.

Always keep bobby pins on hand.

Bobby pins are a lifesaver when it comes to being photographed in the wind. Strategically-placed bobby pins will keep your hair in place. If you can find bobby pins that match your hair color even better. They won't distract from your hair style and you may not notice they're there. Bobby pins are really easy to photoshop out of photos. It's much easier to remove bobby pins in photoshop than fix windblown hair.

Turn into the wind.

When I'm posing our brides in the wind, I always want the bride’s hair to blow away from her face, not into it. So depending on the way the wind is blowing, I have her stand in the correct direction, this way the wind is hitting her face first then blowing her hair away from her face and away of her eyes. Usually the groom has short hair so it really doesn't matter which way he is standing.

I hope this post gives you some tools that you can use when being photographed in the wind. I have been a wedding photographer in South Florida for over 15 years. Before I moved to the east coast, I lived in LA. In LA there is not wind like there is here in South Florida. I was really taken by surprise whenI first moved here. Now I'm an expert at the art of making beautiful wedding photos in the wind.

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