Miami Temperature on a wedding day.
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Miami Temperature on a wedding day.

Miami temperature on a wedding day

Miami temperature and wedding rings are visible on a bride's iPhone. I shot this during the getting ready portion of a wedding. Taken at the Biltmore hotel, I saw the brides iPhone sitting on the counter. During the time I created this photo the bride and her bridesmaids were having a conversation about how nice the weather was here in Miami. They mentioned that it was freezing in New York and the were so happy to be here in South Florida were the Miami temperature was a perfect 75 degrees. This is why people visit not only Miami, but all of South Florida. While the entire North Eastern United States is freezing the temperature in Miami is perfect.

This also explains why South Florida is one of the top wedding destination locations of the world. As a South Florida wedding photographer, I feel that I'm lucky to work in such a wonderful wedding location.

This is one of the oldest photos in this gallery. However its also one of my favorite because it's often the conversation that takes place between brides and grooms and wedding guests on a South Florida wedding day. When guest travel to Miami for a wedding I'm always catching the East Coasters looking at their phone and shaking their heads at the comfortable warm weather we have here.

I felt that shooting the brides wedding rings on her iphone with the Miami temperature showing is a good way for a destination wedding couple to look at their photos and reminisce about how beautiful and warm their South Florida wedding was. I also think it's a interesting way to create a wedding ring photo.

Whenever I photograph a wedding, I make it a point to try and think outside the box. While most photographers place the bride and groom's wedding rings on a flower or take a picture of the rings in the ring box, I try to come up with something unique and beautiful.

If you are recently engaged and planning a South Florida wedding in either Miami, the Florida Keys or even Palm Beach, I would love to talk. I moved to South Florida about 15 years ago and I must admit, the temperature here is perfect. Having moved from Los Angeles where we also have warm weather, it tends to get cold in November through February so the 75 degree temperature is a nice welcome, even for this CA transplant.

In the time I have been here, I have shot weddings all around the South Florida, so if you need any wedding planning advice, I'm here for you. Even though I'm not a wedding planner, I have lot's of experience when it comes to wedding planning. As a wedding photographer, it's up to me to create the wedding photography timeline. I can me reached at (561) 737-5561

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