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"Vizcaya" Miami wedding photography

This Miami wedding picture was taken at one of my favorite locations. Read more to learn more about this awesome venue.

One of my favorite places for Miami wedding photography is the picturesque VIZCAYA Museum & Gardens. This picture was taken in the venues Secret Garden. If you click on this Map of Vizcaya and look for number one, you will see where this very special place is located. This garden setting has staircases on both sides. It's the perfect location to take a bride and groom pictures because the photographer can stand on the stair case and position the camera perfectly parallel to the bride and groom. In addition the lighting is almost always perfectly even because the entire area is surrounded by high walls. In my opinion this is one of the prettiest places at Vizcaya. It doesn't matter, if I am photographing a wedding, an engagement session, maternity session, or producing any other type of pictures, Vizcaya is a place I just enjoy working at. Here are more pictures I have taken at this amazing wedding venue.

While Vizcaya is very popular for Miami wedding photography, I have also shot plenty of other types of shoots here. This link is to a blog post from Maternity pictures which is shot at Vizcaya. Whenever someone decides to have pictures taken at Vizcaya it's very important to allow enough time to shoot in all the pretty places that are available. Looking at this maternity shoot you can see that we took pictures all around the property. The couple featured in this Vizcaya maternity post just happens to be the daughter of one of South Florida most sought after wedding planners, Anna Hess.

Here is a beautiful luxury wedding which we photographed at Vizcaya as well. The wedding of Lauren and Aaron was one record books. This wedding had everything. Beautiful flowers, and attractive couple, and the location, wow. If you are recently engaged and looking for an awesome location for you Miami wedding photography than you should check out Vizcaya.

Check out this picture of a Bride and her girls at Vizcaya. This is one of my favorite pictures from this place. For this picture I experimented a bit. I edited this picture so that the flowers appeared in color and the remainder of the picture was sepia. Since sepia has a color tone involved I actually like this look. Often you will see Miami wedding photography in which the editor did color mixed with straight black and white. I think that combination looks too hokey. By going with sepia mixed with color, the difference is less dramatic. When I move to South Florida over 17 years ago I never knew that this area was such a place filled with so many beautiful wedding venues. Once I booked my first Vizcaya wedding, I realized that there are endless opportunities to capture so many amazing wedding pictures. I consider Vizcaya a wedding photographers playground.

This infrared wedding picture was taken at Vizcaya several years ago. Does it look unique? Infrared photographer is a type of imagery I offer because it looks totally different. In infrared photography a special modified camera is used. Infrared pictures record the world by recording what is visible along with a heat signature. You can usually spot an infrared image by looking at the signature traits of this photographic medium. In infrared parts of a picture that often appear dark grey take on a much lighter appearance. For example, leaves look white, almost snow covered. If a groom is wearing a black jacket with parts made from cloth, and other parts of his jacket are silk or satin, the cloth will appear black and the black satin will look white. In my effort to produce the best Miami wedding photography I'm always interested in learning something new that will help me stand out.

Check out this wedding picture taken at a hidden Vizcaya location. Vizcaya had lot's of secret places that are unique and very special. Inside the main house is this hidden staircase. It's the perfect place to capture a very unique image. Whenever, I'm working and producing images, my mind is always considering shapes and patterns. The swirl of this staircase could not be ignored, and I just had to take this picture!

Here is another infrared bride and groom picture. In this shot, you can really see the telltale signs of infrared photography. Check out this picture, taken at a Vizcaya engagement shoot. In this picture you can see the main house in the background. Since this location is on the water, getting great shots is easy. In addition there are also fountains, small ponds, all over the grounds. Check out this double reflection image. Double reflection engagement photo.

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