Wedding photographer in South Florida
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Wedding photographer in South Florida

My experience as a wedding photographer in South Florida.

As a wedding photographer who has worked at the best venues in South Florida I'm always thrilled when I get to work at the Palms Hotel and Spa in Miami Beach. There are so many reasons to choose this hotel for your wedding or elopement. Over my past 15 plus years photographing weddings in Miami I must have worked at The Palms over 20 times. I guess its safe to say, I know every inch of this property. I have shot weddings at the Palms that include over 130 guests and also shot wedding elopements with one the bride and groom. No matter what your situation the grounds around this, "on the beach" venue are filled with fantastic places to take the most picturesque wedding pictures. Because this venue sits directly on the beach couples have the luxury of walking out the back gate and right on to the beach. Check out this photo of a Bride and Groom kissing at The Palms, Miami Beach. In this photo you can really see just how beautiful this part of the beach looks.

If you are searching for a wedding photographer in South Florida I would love to talk about all the benefits you should consider when hiring myself or one of my team members to cover your wedding or elopement. I myself have been photographing weddings for over 30 years and have photographed over 1000 weddings. In addition to myself I have staff photographers who are dedicated and experienced when it comes to bridal photography. If you are just starting to plan your wedding we would love to help. Even though I'm not a wedding planner, I have been to lots and lots of weddings ranging from huge 300+ guest sized weddings to the small 2 person elopements. Whatever, you are planning I would love to help. Having shot so many weddings I have worked with most of the more experienced wedding planners in the area. I'm happy to direct you to the perfect planner to help you with your specific wedding.

Prices for a wedding photographer in South Florida.

If you are shopping for a photographer in South Florida and comparing prices here are a few things to consider. Wedding photo packages vary based on lots of different factors. These include the size of the wedding, the amount of time needed and the size of the bridal party. When I put together wedding proposals for potential clients I try fo create options that are both competitive and appropriate based on the wedding the couple is planning. If I determine a couple needs a 9 hour package I'm not going to they and lock them in to a inexpensive 4 hour package. Doing this may result in a sale, but it won't result in a happy client. Some weddings may require 2 photographers, However other weddings only need a single photographer. You can get away with one photographer if the wedding timeline allows enough time for your photographer to shoot all the pictures before the wedding ceremony. Because some weddings are small and take place on a wedding day your photographer may be able to provide coverage at a low price because the wedding in not on a weekend. In addition, South Florida has a busy wedding season and a slower off season. This is something I consider when pricing wedding photography. Because of all these factors it's almost impossible for me to simply send a one price fits all wedding package.

The Palms and other wedding venues in South Florida

If you are planning a wedding in South Florida particularly in the Miami Beach area, you have lots of great choices. Because this area is such as hot spot your won't be bored. There are ton of great dining options that range from super fancy to very casual. The beaches here are all beautiful and your wedding guests will have lots of fun dancing the night away in all the wild dance clubs. The entire South Beach and Miami Beach area is lined with plenty if luxury hotels which are perfect for those planning a South Florida wedding. Some of my other favorite wedding hotels are the Fontainebleau the Eden Roc and the and the Loews. All these hotels are awesome but in different ways. Of course these are not the only hotels. If yo need help finding the perfect hotel call us at 561 737-5561. I would love to help.

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