Unique South Florida Wedding Photography
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Unique South Florida Wedding Photography

This sample of unique South Florida Wedding Photography was created using a special infrared camera.

There are so many great wedding photographer here in Southern Florida. Some photographers are great because they are the best at getting expressive photos, Others are great at posing, some specialize in capturing photo-journalistic images. I believe that a truly great photographer needs to be skilling in all these areas and much more. As a South Florida based wedding photographer I'm always looking for new ways to stand out and distinguish my work from the crowd. Because I have been a photographer for over 25 years I have worked in a wide range of different photography disciplines. In my past I have worked at a Portrait photographer, a Food Photographer, a news photographer, a building construction photographer, arial photographer, I was even a staff forensic arson photographer for the Los Angeles Fire Department. Once I graduated with a degree in Communications / photography and moved to Los Angeles. Like every new college student I thought I knew everything about photography. Boy was I wrong. I ended up working in a photo-lab. Over the years my photo-lab skills grew and so did my photography skills. At one point I found myself working at a color and black and white lab printer, a wedding photographer, a news photographer for the Los Angeles Times. Eventually I built my own commercial and wedding clientele. Finally I quit my full-time photography printing job and went out on my own. It's not like I bought a camera one day and side, I'll try wedding photography.

Infrared Wedding Photography 

The photo in this post was taken using a special camera that has been modified to shoot infrared images. Infrared is a unique type of photographic process in which the camera records light and heat differently than the way the human eye perceives images. Different fabrics reflect different amounts of heat and the camera, actually the camera image sensor records the heat signature uniquely. The wavelength of light captured in infrared is what makes the final image appear different. Have you ever looked out at the asphalt parking lot on a hot day and seen the wave of heat rising off the ground? This is where the heat signature is becoming visible to the human eye.

Here are some links to more of my infrared pictures.

Broken Sound Wedding Photograph

The Club at Boca Pointe Wedding.

Jewish wedding picture taken in Miami

Infrared Ocean Reef Club wedding picture.

South Florida Wedding Photography

Because there are so many skilled wedding photographers here in South Florida being unique is one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd. Yes, I'm skilled in portrait photography, Wedding Photo-journalism, Ballroom and decor photography, but in addition to shooting these standard pictures I'm always looking for a unique angle, or a interesting way to use creative lighting to enhance my images. Here in South Florida being a good photographer simply is not good enough.

Split toned photography

In addition to using infrared to capture this images I also added what is known as a split tone effect to this photograph. Incorporating split toning into a photography is another way to create a photo that is unique and stands out from the crowd of wedding photos taken in South Florida. Most of the split toned images are sepia, or brown tone, mixed with blue tone. This combination works really well because Brown, or actually yellow and blue are opposite colors. In a sepia / blue split tone image the midrange portion of the image is brown but the shadows are blue. By blending the two parts of an image together the split is subtle and the cross over is not noticeable, all the viewer perceives is that the photo looks unique. This is another way I work to create some unique wedding photography.

Below is a sample of split toned images in which I used the same photo but with increasing amounts to blue added into the shadows.

The image about was taken at The Club at Boca Pointe. Can you see how the grooms black jacket has turned more blue in each photo? The tree in the background has also turned a shade of blue. In addition all the darker areas have taken on a blue undertone.

If you look through my portfolio of wedding images you will see some more Unique Split Toned photos.  This is just another way I work to distinguish myself from the highly competitive landscape here in South Florida.  

Location: Boca Raton, Florida.

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